Have Trump & Sessions Aligned?

Query: Is Trump staging an intra-AG feud in an effort to disarm Mueller and the Clinton-Brigade? To/for anyone that follows the strategic ambitions of the political elite, the Clintons are the best ever at weakening the structure of moral thought and ethical practices. They (the Clinton’s) are without question the best at masking culpability, the best at induction (baiting), the best at cross-contamination and the best at political obfuscation; the Greeks, Chinese, Romans and British are mere pagans when it comes to political/palace intrigue as mastered by the Clintons. Understand the broad connection of Clinton-Obama Era abuses and the present anti-Trump movement, the figurehead of which is Robert Mueller, by considering the following:


  • Head of the Clinton Foundation Investigation, with a Grand Jury having been empaneled, but was never fully executed: James Comey.
  • Head of IRS that refused to validate Clinton Foundation Tax Exempt Status but blocked Conservative applications for tax exempt status: Louis Lerner.
  • At the same time the head of the FBI: Robert Mueller.
  • Concurrently, the head of the Tax Division inside the DOJ: Rod Rosenstein.


  • James Comey leaves the DOJ for a position at Lockheed-Martin.
  • Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State at the same time and is presented the Uranium One deal; she signs-off on the deal granting 20% of U.S. Uranium resources to Russia at the same time Bill Clinton receives a $500k fee for a one-hour speech in Moscow and once the transaction was completed, a cool $145 Million made its way to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Any wonder who was still working at the IRS in the Charitable Division? Yes, Lois Lerner.
  • Who delivered a sample of the Uranium to Russia?: Robert Mueller.
  • Head of the FBI at the time: Robert Mueller.
  • At the same time the FBI had a Mole inside this money laundering and bribery scheme that only few inside the FBI knew about; when Mueller found out about the Mole he had the DOJ issue a GAG order on the Mole.
  • The name of the Attorney handling the case out of the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland: Rod Rosenstein.


  • Back from his stint at Lockheed-Martin and flush with his $6 Million reward for directing 17 no-bid contracts (to L-M) we have James Comey back as the FBI director and doing everything possible to run cover for Secretary Clinton and her off-the-reservations management of her emails and email server.
  • At this point, Comey is the FBI Director in charge of the Clinton Email investigation, the Investigation of Lois Lerner (at the IRS).
  • Comey writes an exoneration letter for Clinton.

April 2016 and beyond

  • Comey writes one for Secretary Clinton having never empaneled a Grand Jury.
  • AG Sessions gets sandwiched by an Justice Dept. procedural rule that no one ever follows that takes him off the “Russia” investigation. Then,
  • Rosenstein becomes Asst. AG.
  • Comey gets fired based on a letter from Rosenstein then leaks sensitive government info to the press.
  • Mueller gets assigned to the Russia Investigation sham for what can only be explained as an effort to provide cover for decades of DOJ and FBI abuses. 

Now then, I’m certain, the CIA is equally culpable and for one most conspicuous reason:

  • There is an attorney by the name of Lisa Barsoomian who’s been a long-time hustler for the Clinton Brigade. She’s represented Comey, Obama, Sebelius, Nuland, both Clintons and the FBI Agency, to name a few.  Additionally,  in several of these cases she’s known to have participated in, have had all references to her engagement/efforts stricken from the public record. Only one U.S. Agency has the ability to sanitize these records and do so unchallenged.  One final point of relevance that should concern all Americans, Ms. Barsoomian is Rod Rosenstein’s wife.

Let’s wrap this up and conclude with the point I intend to make: The reason Mueller is dragging out the investigation is very simple, they are terrified that once Mueller shelves the Russia Investigation due to lack of evidence, that single action will vindicate Trump before the electorate and license Trump to systematically expose the DOJ, FBI and CIA for their malfeasance. Mueller’s only hope is to delay the investigation past the November election believing that the Democrats can topple the Republicans control of the House and Senate and unleash Impeachment proceedings which will, in effect, instantaneously turn Trump into a Lame Duck President with no hope of exposing the Clinton-Obama corruption.

There you have it, in a nutshell. The sad part is that the American People have largely surrendered to the lies of the Trump opposition and for the balance, save for the decreasing number of Trump supporters, they’re no longer interested in or see the importance of carving out this insidious cancer that has eroded the culture and the government structure. You needn’t be a Trump supporter in order to grasp the greater tragedy; you need only be a person of conscience.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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