Trump/Ryan Tax Plan – Over Selling the Under Performing!

Although the tax reform agenda appears to be inching forward and will likely see various changes aimed at luring opposition into the fold, here’s a brief summary of what we do know:

If the chief goal is to restart the domestic economic engine, I’ve yet to find evidence of a single proposed component that will actually accomplish this goal. For example: How will an average proposed tax saving (per household) of $1,800 reverse the economic misfortunes of a family already living paycheck to paycheck? How does gifting tax-relief to Multi-National Corps, already only paying an average rate of 18.6 percent and already freed by Trade Policy to export wealth away from the domestic environs, going to obligate them to change their course away from the death spiral that is Globalism and return production and development back to the U.S.?

There is no, absolutely none, relationship or similarity to the Raegan-era tax reform and the “package” working its way thru the legislative process; to suggest any such similarity is an unadulterated lie.

Unless the festering horde of special interests are shut down and legitimate growth-oriented provisions are enacted there will be no revitalized Domestic economy, or will it pay for the proposed $1.5 Trillion infrastructure Bill that is likely to follow. All that will exist is a chimerical form of lunacy and an ever-increasing distance between financial well-being and the public’s trust in government.

As the composition of voter-apathy indicates, it is clear there is little tolerance for political-identification. The sell-out, across the board, by political hacks who have demonstrated their irreverence for the representative process is the cause for this comprehensive disillusionment and so, what is left, is a carcass with little tissue remaining for identifying what once was.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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