Go Global; Save the Swamp!

Over the years the American Public has had only a few occasions to witness wholesale corruption at the federal level; the occasional Senator, Congressmen, Department Head, Military Personnel or even a President or two.

To some degree, in the age of mass 24/7 media, on one end the Press has made it more difficult to conceal criminal activity however, given the consolidation of this medium’s ownership, fact-finding and truth-telling journalism has given way to the power of sensationalism. Depending on what side of the political fortress you stand, the end of your promising future (and the truth), or escaping a jail cell may only be a matter of a 15 second sound-bite or 140 characters away.

From their earliest days, even before the Governorship in Arkansas, the Clintons quickly grasped the value of a pre-cast narrative and how an uncontrolled narrative could quickly become your adversary. They equipped themselves with a frontline of razor-witted-tongue-twisting-capable-of-setting-and-managing-a-narrative-ever-eager troubadours; James Carville, John Podesta, Lanny Davis, George Stephanopoulos, to name a few, seemingly always at the ready to dismiss contradictory facts with what ultimately became an entirely new narrative.

Corrupting the corruptible is, after all their years in some form of feeding-off-the-public, the legacy the Clintons have left the American People. Just Dandy! The swamp, in one predatory form or another, has always circled Government, happy to pay for influence that serves their interests. What makes the Clintons deplorably remarkable is a matter of timing. Bill Clinton became the stooge of George H.W. Bush’s New World Order the moment he signed into law (1994) this nascent institution actionable grip on a once sovereign United States and its economic future, the WTO/GATT/NAFT/CAFTA Treaties.

The massive explosion in wealth, base industry, technological sophistication/innovation and know-how, wealth creating and industrial capacity etc., that continues its exodus from this Country is the physical evidence of Corporate-Governance in action.

Globalism is not or could ever be the maturation of Free-Market Economic. It is totalitarian monetary rule. It is Capitalism having run beyond its initial supply-line. It is devoutly ruthless and puffs with a predatory loathing for the order and functionality of a Free-Market systems.

Capitalism despises competition and, as in the case with most malignant forms, there is no such thing as peaceful coexistence, none what so ever. Pro-globalists will tell you that to oppose globalism, and the new markets it supposedly creates, is to favor isolationism; a comparison which is so abstract and idiotic it’s not to be taken seriously. If you export a nation’s ability to produce fungible (tradable) goods then to what purpose do these newly minted Open Markets serve? Nothing!

Just how debilitating (for the U.S.) is Globalism? Consider the following: In 1990, when the Treaty passage efforts began, China’s Total GDP was $500 Billion and ranked 11th in the world just behind that of Russia. At the same time the U.S. GDP was $6.4 Trillion and ranked 1st. In 2016 China’s total GDP was $12.2 Trillion and ranked 2nd while the U.S. was $19.2 Trillion and still ranked 1st. In GDP terms, over the 1990-2016 time period, the aggregate growth rate for China is a staggering 3,840 % while the U.S. was 200%.

Perhaps even more compelling is to consider the growth in U.S. Trade Deficits over the same time frame with the growth in U.S. Federal Debt. For baseline referencing our research confirms that over the 1990-2016 period the U.S. Federal Debt (published) has grown by $15.3 Trillion. Over the same period the cumulative growth in Trade Deficit for China is $4.5 Trillion, Mexico at $1.2 Trillion and the E.U. (since its inception in 1997) is $3.2 Trillion. For just these three Countries that amounts to a cumulative Trade Deficit of $8.9 Trillion.

Now then, if one considers how money moves thru the economy, creating/seeding further economic activity as it does so, a concept identified as the “Velocity of Money”, we must consider its effects. For example, a $50 dinner check could easily create $150 or more depending on how the Restaurant Owner uses that money. Does he keep it all to his/herself or do they take a portion of the $150 and give $30 to the Waiter as part of their salary which they then combine with their other moneys to come up with their $500 share of the $1,000 dollar rent that is coming due. Think of the economic expansion that would occur if that initial $50 never was available or I chose not to spend it.

Now then, consider the economic activity that $8.9 Trillion could have generated if it occurred domestically and not shipped off-shore? Think of the Tax Revenues that would have been created, think about how it would ever be possible to pay-off the massive debt-load this Country is amassing if this activity doesn’t return. Coincidence? Hardly!

Now then ask yourself how could a U.S. President, Senator and/or Congressperson knowingly endorse a policy that would license this type of destruction? The answer is quite easy; if the prism thru which your decisions are made is nothing more than a swamp consumed by the cross-purposes of vested interests, how unreasonable is to assume that it’s the perspective of the Swamp that drives your response? Of course it is and it’s a rare individual who wouldn’t!

The fact that the Swamp’s standing is so invasive and nearly impossible to drain is due to the fact that it serves an invaluable purpose: Its deep and dark regions shield from public eye the manner in which all sorts of corrupting influences corrupt the willingly corruptible.

Oddly enough, thanks to Trump, you are receiving a birds-eye view, past-present-future, of how the Swamp and Government interact with one another in this tempest of cross-purposes that is Government.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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