Trump vs. Clinton – An American Retreat!

Apparently there’s no longer a safe facility for expressing ones opinion without risking assault. It’s become a blood-sport endorsed by political zealots bent on re-scripting an entirely new American revolution. Mind you, not one born out of contempt for a foreign government imposing its will upon an unprotected and unrepresented constituency, but instead one where the system is redirected to turn itself against the very people it’s sworn to represent.

No, not a war for independence, but a war of Co-Dependency. A civil war based solely on a political ideology that is part servile with equal parts divisive and predatory. It’s quite reminiscent of the then evolving influence and tactics the Nazi infrastructure used to propel Hitler into power and executed with an ignorance surpassed only by their single-minded brutality.

I am in a near complete state of bewilderment at the inability of a Clinton supporter to explain, on/in substantive terms, why Mrs. Clinton should be elected and, strangely enough, in the case of Trump for his supporters to do the same. It’s as if Trump supporters are best described as Folks who generally can’t explain or identify the “it” Trumps stands for however, they are clear they don’t like what “it” presently is. Whereas, in Clinton’s case, it’s perfectly clear they don’t care to know what the “it” is and they’re angered by anyone that queries as to why they don’t want to know or even why they should.

Yes, of course the media is running cover for Clinton and is in an all-out frontal and lateral assault on Trump but that’s merely due to the fact that the American Public, on either side, allows it and to some extent is actually entertained by it occurring. This intellectual retreat from substantive discourse, and the expansive degree to which it is occurring, is direct evidence that the manufactured war on social unity, the ideal of “Americanism”, is winning and the People are losing; badly. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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