Trump vs Speaker Ryan; the Face of the Elitist Brothel

The fever has now reached a point where the Political Elite and their Uber-Intellectuals are displaying fits of seizures as they desperately grasp at a stage for asserting their relevance. Evidently, they are not at all prepared to acknowledge that they are the problem Primary Voters have rightly identified.

To be sure Trump will face the permanent hierarchy of governance every step of the way whether it be the frequently spun web of Party Unity, Legislative Agenda, Policy Agenda, Cabinet Appointments, Nominations and so on reaffirming, once again, that the road back to representative government is going to be a long and politically bloody battle.

The Bush-Clan and their lesser vipers (Clinton, Romney and their legions of vested interests) are not going to be content with a walks-off without a fight. They’re vested, after all their financial interests, a product of decades of well-orchestrated web-weaving, run wide and run deep.

Predictably those defending Paul Ryan suggest that his stand-off is only meant to aid GOP Congressional and Senate Candidates, who fear openly aligning themselves with Trump will disadvantage themselves in their own races, are ignoring one incontrovertible fact: they are already members of an elitist-brothel the public is openly opposing.

Mr. Ryan is, simultaneously, expressing and demonstrating the very attitude that has universally proven itself to be supremely destructive, ineffective and clearly adverse to the best interests of the American Public they’re sworn to serve. Rest assured, the battle is only just beginning.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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