WikiLeaks & The Singularity of Reason

Gone is the faithful roll of “The Press” in America. A cabal of self-anointed demigods operating at the behest of a narrative, any narrative that favors their persisting as an extremity of a derelict power-base. Where the power of news is seen not in the clarity of fact, but in the ability to steer the public’s perception based solely on a well-crafted lie. Where accountability to truth/fact is based, like the Clintonesque regime of Political Hutzpah, upon the latest lie you’ve not yet been caught in. Even then, even when the lie is exposed, the power-structure steps in to subsume the truth into yet another fabrication and the scourge continues from there.

The great tragedy of this entire scheme is not just that the lie repeated with rabbit punch-like efficiency and with viral effect, becomes the truth, but far worse is that the Public both anticipates the abuse and they (also) bend toward a tendency to heartily and mindlessly defend it. Whether by fear or the apparatus of self-defense the Public is equally complicit by its willingness to become the drone of a system bent on their destruction.

A perfect example of this was the Individual, during this past Sunday’s Debate, who asked; “Would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?” Other than the cadent fawning by the Media hacks that followed, the very same who pounced on the query labeling it as “sensitive” and “refreshing”, I do believe we’ve exceeded the lifetime dosage allowances for the peevishly adolescent.

Think of it; if WikiLeaks didn’t perform as it does by releasing data on various government abuses or the treachery of political entanglements then how would you know? Do you really believe the Western Press/Media would be willing to expose itself for your benefit? Not a chance! The only reason why these alternative outlets exist is because faithful investigative journalism has been retired by the vacuum of a controlling ideology.

These alternative outlets won’t (likely) last for long primarily because they represent a threat. The truth of this statement is corroborated by the Obama Administrations push to divest control of the Internet (ICANN); by moving ownership/administrative control off-shore it will be far easier to conceal, from preying eyes, uses and applications of censorship.

With no allegiance to the truth there is no foundation upon which faith will foster. Without the singularity of faith in what is truthful there is no discipline, there is no singularity of reason. What remains is the plurality of chaos.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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