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What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Symbolism is a mirror; an affirmation for those in the know; a vehicle for one looking for a cause to occupy the mind void of Ideals; for others it becomes whatever it is they want it to be. The artwork in all of it is that the image has no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own. 

The Price of Politics is just this, “…no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own.” 

Readers and followers of our efforts are well aware of the current work, the “Blind-Vision” series, that is now out in 2ndEdition form but few understand the reason for why these books were actually written and frankly, up and until this last week, I thought I knew. They are, admittedly, outside of my preferred topic range yet three years ago when I began working on the idea which ultimately became the three books, We Hold These Truths, Value Given, Value Received and Valor in Prosperity I approached the entire process from a motivation that revolved around a very basic routine: there was a need, no one was filling it and I believed someone should.  I believe in the Ideals that lie back of “We Hold These Truths to be….” and I am not able to foresee a time when these Ideals are not worthy of “…our live, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” 

This past week I received a phone call from a Congressmen – I’m choosing to withhold their name only because it will serve no purpose to release it and to be quite honest I failed to ask for their permission – who had just finished reading the entire series, “twice”, and wanted to offer a “comment or two about your work.”  The call lasted for the better part of thirty minutes and while the comments were affirming of the effort there is one in particular I want to share with you: 

“…it has been quite some time since I’ve been drawn to read anything twice, it’s that good; the way you weaved the various anecdotal comments and historical literary references was incredible.  You gave an entirely new and deeper meaning, as you say, to those things we must hold to be true and your stimulus concepts were absolutely brilliant. But I must tell you this,…I don’t believe the Country is yet at the point where it will understand the value of what you’ve done…it may take another five years of failure before any of what you’ve done will have meaning.” 

“…it may take another five years of failure….”  The essence of what is The Price of Politics.  

As we look at the current standings of the Campaign 2012 process, the ever-evolving menagerie offers several compelling features which I believe are worthy of comment; at first they may appear random however ultimately each align themselves with a common sentiment; The Price of Politics 

  • The departure of Herman Cain was predictable; whether as a threat to the GOP hierarchy or the Entitlement Regime that feeds on social divisiveness he joins the ranks of Mike Dukakis, Gary Hart and Howard Dean. He is best thought of as a “bank of the unfulfilled electorate in search of a representative option” and although his endorsement will likely go to Gingrich, his greatest gift to the former Speaker will be his having desensitized an uneasy Public to personal indiscretion(s).
  • Gingrich or Romney will be the last two standing not on the strength of their capacity but simply on the basis that they merely represent the best possible of the least likely to fail. As much as I loathe the idea of a Statist being the GOP nominee, I fully expect that Gingrich will inch by Romney.
  • Without question no single Candidate has been able to provide the Public with a respectable demonstration that they possess a command of the structural political and economic obstacles that this Country faces or that they possess a focused and disciplined strategy for addressing any of them. Michele Baughman does demonstrate, at times, coherent sensibilities however she has not been able to command the level attention required to sustain a long-distance run.  For our time and circumstances, Ron Paul is by far the most structurally capable however he has far too long been viewed as extreme and for this reason alone expect him to step aside by the time the nomination process hits the Carolina’s.
  • Despite the Polls indicating that an unknown Republican can beat Obama, this is a very dangerous false-hope. The Obama campaign is already calling on its Acorn (and their re-invented community-threats) troops preparing to affect strong-arm tactics favoring the tried and true tool of front-line political and social divisiveness. Much like the Occupy Wall Street seizure, Obama is a master at using another to wag the dog the bites the tail of his opponent; he’s also not above using a military misadventure (circa Sept-October 2012) to tip the vulnerability of the Publics fear-factor to his advantage.  As is the case with the Romney/Gingrich dynamics, Obama could easily win a second term simply on the grounds that the GOP Nominee could be turned in such a way that likely voters become protest non-voters.     

The Price of Politics is easily seen by considering the ease with which Congress and the Executive Branch politicize issues; whereas the greater sense of duty would be to address the causal forces which have imbedded themselves and move directly to excise their features, they choose instead to use these various features to further political vice.  In the domain of Election Politics, the Price is no different; with the aid and effect of the media’s voracious appetite for packaging meaningless discourse, the Public has yet been able to command sufficient influence to force a substantive process aimed at a functional and decidedly purpose-driven outcome.  

The ultimate outcome of course is yet undecided and the greatest benefit will come from finding ways to repopulate Congress with Individuals capable of moving beyond the Political and on to the business at hand and it will require a Nation burdened by the Price of Political Failure coming to the conclusion that this is no price worth paying.  

It is from the Congressmen’s own words, “it may take another five years of failure”, that I was to discover a personal sense of clarity as to the motivations behind writing the Blind-Vision Series; I see no reason for why our People should have to waite when the solutions are known – there are 312 Million of them! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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