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WiNiP – The Price of Politics v1211a

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Symbolism is a mirror; an affirmation for those in the know; a vehicle for one looking for a cause to occupy the mind void of Ideals; for others it becomes whatever it is they want it to be. The artwork in all of it is that the image has no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own. 

The Price of Politics is just this, “…no life but for the one assigned to it and the version, being the one made available, the mass chooses to accept as their own.” 

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Chris Christie and the Diffusion of Conscience

The American public is paying far more attention to the Presidential Election cycle than ever before and the GOP is in panic-mode because of it; it’s authority in the process is being challenged by those not part of the landed-gentry and the politically-camouflaged elite and there’s good reason for it: The Country is facing a convergence of crisis the like of which never experience before and all of it due to structured, studied, advancing and deliberated failure: 

  • The Ascension of Political Supremacy – Government is what matters.
  • The Evolution of Inverse Values – Multinationals matter more.
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WiNiP v10.10a – What is Spoken, What is Heard

What I Noticed in Passing….

“The obvious is most often only conspicuous by intention.  We observe what is shown yet what needs to be known is often obscured and deliberately so.”


There is a great tension in the air, a great uneasiness of opaque expectancies lurking about and I dare say, as I’ve written at great length in the Blind Vision Series, the well crafted and tenaciously managed structure of the Political Über-Structure at last appears to be exposing its naked indifference.

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KZOZ San Luis Obispo!

Today Jeff & Jeremy of San Luis Obispo’s KZOZ hosted Curtis Greco for a key segment on the economics of politics. A lively and spirited discussion you’ll want to hear!  These two are the “pulse” of an “in tune & in touch” segment of America waking up to a whole new reality. Enjoy!

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Obama to Wage War!

The signs are unmistakable.  The Country has gone poli-rogue and Obama regiments are collapsing!  Once again the political machinery has failed to interpret the American Electorate and the price will be chaos at a time when this Country can least afford political plunder. 

It is of course inevitable.  The face of consequence is worn as a vizard by Alan Specter, Blanche Lincoln,  Richard Blumenthal, Mark Souder and there will be more.

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