Chris Christie and the Diffusion of Conscience

The American public is paying far more attention to the Presidential Election cycle than ever before and the GOP is in panic-mode because of it; it’s authority in the process is being challenged by those not part of the landed-gentry and the politically-camouflaged elite and there’s good reason for it: The Country is facing a convergence of crisis the like of which never experience before and all of it due to structured, studied, advancing and deliberated failure: 

  • The Ascension of Political Supremacy – Government is what matters.
  • The Evolution of Inverse Values – Multinationals matter more.
  • The Dominance of Monetary Theology – Global Finance matters most.
  • The Perfecting Art of Social Fracturing – Division is the device of conquest.
  • The Policy of Economics Alchemy – Mobilizing the Global Economy Myth.
  • The Maturing applications of Terror – The physiology of control.

I capture the sentiment in terms of failure for one very simply reason: For these processes to succeed it requires the public to surrender its sacred duty which is to object, oppose or otherwise prevent these processes from maturing.  

I’ve been closely studying the Republic cirque-du-salacious and at first I was inclined to be pleased with the number of candidates thinking to myself, the more the better. But then notables such as Mike Huckabee, Gov. Daniels, Sarah Palin or Gov. Kasich (and there are others who could have easily made the list), any of which who could make the run simply on name recognition alone, opted for a pass. Or did they? Perhaps they are keyed-in to a process that few will acknowledge. 

Enter Gov. Christie and the present outcome of my ruminations which I title Diffusions of Conscience: 

“With convictions of conscience formed how daring minds play toward recess; teasing first a gentle nudge and yet another and still again until the noble thought of virtue yields as victim to the evolved; the acme of diffusion.” 

Outside of New Jersey what possible name recognition can Gov. Christie possess but that which the media saturates by way of its insatiable demand for rhetoric? He possesses no feature that I can discern which sets him apart from any other Candidate. He’s made no profound Save America Plan Du Jour, no profound Foreign Policy Statement but even more, we’re not yet privy to his baggage and I don’t believe he’s written a book.  Seriously, you can’t really be expected to be a truly viable Presidential Candidate if you haven’t a few skeletons in your closet and you’ve not purchased a New York Times Best Seller status for your book! These seem to be a must have. 

Although I truly do believe that the American Public is not at all pleased with the current crop of candidates yet what’s of greater concern to that the GOP’s preferred choice, Mr. Romney, is the least pleasing to Americans. If the truth be told about the current standings, which place Mr. Romney at or near the top, one must consider that the reported rankings are for ONLY those polled who have actually made a choice (reportedly in the 26% range of likely voters) which of course ignores the 74% who have not yet made the choice which of course then fuels my conclusion: 

It is more likely that Chris Christie is being lured into the process as a tool of diffusion not unlike Huntsman, Santorum, Gary Johnson or perhaps even Rick Perry – we have Ross Perot to thank for this creative routine. The beauty of this strategy is that Romney can remain fairly anonymous biding his time through the caucus process while the others exhaust the Public with their deficiencies. It is therefore these kinetic effects which yields the image of the last-man-standing or victory-by-default for the predetermined choice – and that, to my mind, is no choice at all. 

Let’s be clear, the GOP isn’t interested in the substantive Best Choice; it’s interested in extending the Candidacy of the Politically Elite – of course Romney’s personal war-chest doesn’t hurt either although personally, I find the former Massachusetts Governor to be by far the worst possible Presidential Candidate of the last thirty-plus years perhaps with the possible exception of John Anderson (1980). He epitomizes the Ascension of Political Supremacy. 

So there you have it, Chris Christie and the Diffusion of Conscience! The great debilitation elixir of the political gamesmanship – the American Public gets play of course only you are not a party to the rule-making cadre: 

“For a Nation sorely in need of Leadership with a Conscience, lowering the bar sufficiently such that mediocrity becomes the standard of excellence only delivers yet another failure by which we measure durable complicity.” 

I believe we are capable of so much more; so much better! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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