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GOP on Moore Allegations:

Whether it’s the Russia-Collusion ruse, the indefensible-Clintons, the politically-induced mutation of the FBI or Alabama’s Roy Moore the critically necessary component of “Due Process”, here in the U.S., is now officially dead!

We now affect the judicial process by allegation, the power of suggestion trans-mutated by way of the Media.  All of this, the quintessential proof of the Elite-State’s existence having existed since before this Country’s birth, is so deeply threatened that it is prepared to destroy the entire Country’s social and political bond and they’re using social-musing and its tools, and the Public is largely unaware of it, to accomplish it.

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GOP Heading To Fail

RNC Chair Reince Preibus demonstrates GOPs tendency for self-destruction. His pronouncement that Mrs. Clinton is “about the best person we could possibly hope for” telegraphs that the GOP strategy is to run against Hillary instead of running on a specific plan for restoring the American public’s faith in representative government.

If the GOP is bent on blood-sport politics then they will lose the White House in 2016 primarily because voters will not turn out for the GOP offering and Hillary will win atop the GOP’s failure to connect.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Ted Cruz Risk Shows GOP Fracture & Why Any Dem Can Win

The ascendancy of one party over another is not so much a function of strength as it is a display of the loosing party’s weakness. Case in point: Obama won, both terms, simply because the GOP (first McCain and then Romney) Candidates were so contemptibly weak and where the GOP is concerned, this has become an endemic weakness. Cruz, and soon-to-come Rand Paul, has no choice but to advance the 2016 calendar, that is, if they want to stand apart from the GOP statists and if he wants the needed strength of an overwhelming groundswell (body count) to counter the blood-money flowing to the most-favored-statist, Jeb Bush.

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A Mid-Term Election Summary; Mistakes, Failures and Outlook


(1) It’s a mistake for anyone to view the election results given the “break” and movement of “independent” voter swing. The GOP should view the outcome as a warning; the next cycle can switch just as quickly.

(2) It’s a mistake to expect that the Obama Administration will change its colors; in fact I expect the President to characterize himself as a victim of the outcome and to stick to his confrontational practices.

(3) It’s a mistake for the GOP to stick with McConnell as a Senate Majority Leader.

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GOP Gains Control of Congress; What If?

Without a super-majority in the Senate don’t expect too much; sure the Senate can send a great deal to the president for signature however, as a lame-duck, he’ll have no sense of urgency or need for accommodating the GOP; or will he?

What the GOP will do is use their leverage to demonstrate the extent of the Democrat’s obstruction draining any hopes the DNC may have for 2016.  Having already signed over their authority regarding Debt-Ceiling Limits to the Executive Branch they (GOP) are left only with “spending” Bills as a pro-active tool. On the other hand, if the “Dems” are smart a few may choose to belly-up to the trough and co-op with the Republicans.

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