Dynamics of the Flaw

 To set the stage for this particularly commentary I have chosen to draw on an excerpt from Volume III of the Blind Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. For those who have read the Series, you will no doubt be familiar with this offering: 

“Conspicuous by its absence amidst the dire mantra of crafted sound bites, vague and indiscreet commentary, is the fertile interchange and color of inspired and constructive thought. It appears as if the body of our combined experience is saddled, frozen with apprehension, awaiting the final blow! 

‘Just beyond the boundaries of conscious political thought, the evidence is over powering. With laser-like intensity we can see, with the naked eye of consequence, the government aloof to The People’s reality.’ 

To this point: It has been my primary intention to appeal to your sense of historical significance and to regenerate your esteem for the perfection that is republicanism, our representative form of government. The idea is, as I’ve emphasized again and again, rooted in the sovereign ether of man’s highest ideals whose source may be traced to the very fiber of nature’s origins. Yet to be fair, one must also acknowledge that we do have the unique ability to muck it all up though lingering simultaneously with this tendency, man does possess a profoundly robust capacity for recovery and near prophetic acts of pure selflessness! 

Before us in this time of American and world history is the palette of circumstances that mirrors the consequences of choices made. I believe it is time we speak with one voice, act with symphonic precision and a keen sense of purpose; stand and claim our common destiny with reliance on our ‘robust capacity for recovery and near prophetic-like acts of purse selflessness!’” 

I’ve had many opportunities to do a great deal of listening these last few years; whether in front of a group of people answering questions in response to a topic I just spoke on or fielding phone calls on various radio shows.  I sense an extraordinary degree of confusion and divisiveness among our People one that is resolutely opposed to cohesion and I confess that I’ve not been able to effectively source the origins or cause of the same. There have been moments when I believe I’d achieved a breakthrough only to find that upon deeper inquiry the notion failed muster; until now.  I refer to my new discovery as the dynamics of the flaw. 

True as it is the nature of disparate features, the weakness of broad generalities often creates the risk that the heretic will assail such an attempt as being vague or somehow disingenuous and I would tend to agree that vagaries can at times suffer for these reasons. However, in this case, it is the point of this exercise and the deliberate use of the excerpt above that both illustrate the strength of my position and the inherent weakness of the heretical opposition. It is to the very nature of an ideal that it posses universal applicability and in so doing suspends disparate features and opinions in favor of what then becomes an ideal which is common to all. The inherent nature of what lies in opposition and lingers in favor of the heretic are those who believes in no such thing as a common ideal and thus, favors divisiveness.  This is the very essence and context of what describes the dynamics of the flaw and why the excerpt above is so engaging and relevant to the point I intend to make. 

In real-time I observe this flaw in a common question that more and more I find I am being confronted with and it appears in one of two way: Either “What can we do about…?” or as “Why doesn’t someone do something…?”   Here’s a summary of what I’ve discovered: 

  • Americans have not yet figured out that the question and answers relating to the “what” and “why” are not political even though they are being shaped as if they are.
  • Americans have not yet figured out that they have been caged in to an argument that is inherently flawed. In short, it can not be solved by a political solution.
  • Americans have lost touch with the pure essence of their governments form having instead opted-out for an illusion of governance and have not yet been willing to accept the truth that they have and have not yet been willing to assert and insist upon restoration.  And lastly,
  • Americans do not yet believe that they can restore order in chaos and are suspending action in favor of a yet-to-appear savior forgetting that what is implicit in an ideal common to all is its universality and the allegiance of One; yet we must also understand that the ideal can not persist alone.  

“Government has become the revolving door of excess. Fabricating conflict from the very efforts it employs in creating solutions to problems it creates.” 

There is a solution to the Budget, Debt, Deficits and Debt-Ceiling issues that will wage increasingly furious discourse over the next 18 months. And, you must know, this is all quite inevitable for one very good reason: The dynamics of the flaw is a very successful tool for disarming, diffusing and defeating a People that are busy entertaining themselves fighting amongst one another instead of defeating the common enemy. 

Yes, I will not leave you hanging and wondering whether or not these are simply the miscellaneous ramblings of some peevish cog; there is a rather simple solution and the details of which are presented in the Three-Volume Blind Vision Series and yes, I recommend you purchase the entire set, turn of the brain-freezer and read and study each being sure to cover the Appendix which appears in every one of the three Volumes.  The summary is as follows: 

  1. The States, collectively, must reassert 10th Amendment sovereignty.
  2. The States, collectively, must repeal the 17th Amendment.
  3. Restore Central Banking Policy to the U.S. Treasury.
  4. Require Balance Budget Amendment and Line Item Veto.
  5. Restrict Government (Federal & State) borrowing to 30% of GDP “net” of government spending.
  6. Remove Entitlement jurisdiction from the Federal Government.
  7. Reformulate Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare (part of #4 above).
  8. Public disclosure of Supreme Court Justices qualifications and opinions in deference to constitutional authority and interpretation. Also, modify approval process to a non-partisan practice.
  9. Reformulate Non-Individual (Corporate, Non-Profit, etc) Tax Code to a straight “net-revenue” based system.  Include a tiered rate structure based on Domestic-Sourced/Produced Income that is also distinguished by “productive” and “non-productive income”.
  10. Reformulate Individual Tax code to a straight “net-revenue” based system and only applicable to household income >$250,000/year provided that taxpayer provide proof of minimum healthcare coverage and annual contribution to retirement plan of no less than 7.5% of their household income.
  11. Enforce strict Immigration Policy. The idea that there can be Legal-Illegal Immigration is an excess the Nation can no longer afford. 

The details of each of these along with several other suggestions are included in the Series.  The 2nd Edition is due out by June 1st, 2011 and if you’re serious about restoring this Country then I suggest you order your set. 

Americans must understand that Washington will neither willingly repair the damage it has done to this Nation nor correct the systemic dysfunction that permits it to occur; any change will have to be enforced upon the system from either the State Governments directly and/or the bottom up

Finally and with consideration to the totality of this present effort, I can not imagine a Thomas Jefferson quote more appropriate than that which follows: 

“When we reflect that the eyes of the virtuous all over the earth are turned with anxiety on us as the only depositories of the sacred fire of liberty, and that our falling into anarchy would decide forever the destinies of mankind and seal the political heresy that man is incapable of self-government, the only contest between divided friends should be who will dare farthest into the ranks of the common enemy.” 

Join in the process of preserving and protecting a Cause worth Perfecting! The future will become what we make of it. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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