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Bartering with the Morbidly Inept

Despite government preferences to the contrary, it would seem that the public is awakening to the undeniable fact that the U.S. economy is in shambles and this trend is forcing many to become quite familiar an entirely new reality: 

  1. The economic crisis is politically driven. And,
  2. The politically driven have no idea how to undo what they have done. 

For Americans to arrive at a viable solution they must first understand the nature of the system as it is and both how it evolved and why it fails so efficiently. The 2nd Edition of the three-volume Series entitled Blind Vision addresses each of these points with deliberate and surgical precision and as one might predictably expect, I suggest you read and study each of them as part of your personal desire to expand your cognitive facilities. 

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Dynamics of the Flaw

 To set the stage for this particularly commentary I have chosen to draw on an excerpt from Volume III of the Blind Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. For those who have read the Series, you will no doubt be familiar with this offering: 

“Conspicuous by its absence amidst the dire mantra of crafted sound bites, vague and indiscreet commentary, is the fertile interchange and color of inspired and constructive thought. It appears as if the body of our combined experience is saddled, frozen with apprehension, awaiting the final blow! 

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A Day at the Market


It was an interesting day in the Financial Markets! I’ve received a few interesting phone calls and emails in response to a few commentaries I made the other day.  It was one of my first ever call in radio events and I was a bit nervous,  once I forgot what I was doing,  I seemed to settle down and resolve to a measured degree of coherence.  I hope.   

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