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Chancellor Merkel: The Progressives Protagonist

Progressive ideologues find themselves in quite an unsettled state. Their faux world slipping away under the weight of general economic and social chaos, their fantasy ethos has spawned.

As swiftly as the public mood will change, gone are the manic ramblings of Bernie Sanders, out to pasture goes the consummate proto-socialist variants of former President Obama, the self-destructing Clintons and gee-wiz even “Pocahontas’ Warren is losing the lubricating luster of her slippery tongue.

Not to worry though, this lunacy will return in time to challenge the GOP as the DEMs attempt a comeback with the likes of a Kamala Harris or male equivalent, California Lt. Governor and former need-I-say-more controversial former SFO Mayor Gavin “no chest hair out of place” Newsom.

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Shooter James Hodgkinson: Lone Wolf or Act of Rage?

They were simply practicing for a baseball game, ,attending a Christmas Party, dancing at a nightclub, children at school, sitting in a movie theater, working in a high-rise office building, spectators watching a marathon, folks taking an evening stroll along the promenade; examples of simple routines challenged by one of the most twisted affronts, save for aborting a child, to the conscience one can think of; the taking of Human Life.

The various stewards of our fashionably civil culture have moved away from reverent outrage and on to the snap-shot approach where honest inquiry is avoided and the clean-lines of prepared inside-the box script is preferred. The Lone Wolf reference is such an example, two words and there you have it, nice, clean and appropriate, everything explained.

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Ginsburg Comments Model Senior Courts Schism

Ms. Ginsburg’s position regarding the U.S. Constitution is well chronicled; in summary she posits the U.S. Constitution as grossly inadequate in depth and scope and far too deferential with respect to “sovereign rights” of the Individual (vis a vis the “Bill of Rights”). As to the communion of States the 10th Amendment is a far too restrictive covenant for a Justice who consistently articulates a view decidedly more meddlesome, liberal intimating an expansive domain where governance may more freely roam.

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Trump: The Gift & the Guile!

The upheaval is clear. The machine of the transnational elite are turning the tide against Trump and the public is, once again, falling for their twisted form of barratry while ignoring the fact that they are mindlessly marching toward the very cliff Cruz and Kasich would have you believe they’re protecting you from.

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Torture Report Release

With so much to risk, and with nothing tactically to gain, the obvious reason is often the most accurate; the Administrations endorsement of Sen. Feinstein’s release of the intelligence assessment report (a.k.a. the “Torture Report”) can only mean one thing. A political move meant solely to destabilize the various committees soon to be chaired by incoming Republicans.

That’s all. Make no mistake, if you’re going to proclaim a higher standard then you must also live up to, however given, that there are so many areas were political actions violate individual’s sovereign rights. The sanctimonious camber of this issues advocates is significant and less than honorable.

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