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Ginsburg Comments Model Senior Courts Schism

Ms. Ginsburg’s position regarding the U.S. Constitution is well chronicled; in summary she posits the U.S. Constitution as grossly inadequate in depth and scope and far too deferential with respect to “sovereign rights” of the Individual (vis a vis the “Bill of Rights”). As to the communion of States the 10th Amendment is a far too restrictive covenant for a Justice who consistently articulates a view decidedly more meddlesome, liberal intimating an expansive domain where governance may more freely roam.

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Supreme Court Declines Review of Same-Sex Marriage

Regardless of what side of the issue one opinion may fall there is a component of the courts decision (to abstain) that is too easily/quickly ignored. While the senior court may stand itself apart from lower court (State/District) decisions endorsing SSM there is a marvelous lesson on Constitutional Law taking place; the first being the issue of “standing” (before the Supreme Court) and then there is the issue of the 10th Amendment (State’s Rights).

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