Chancellor Merkel: The Progressives Protagonist

Progressive ideologues find themselves in quite an unsettled state. Their faux world slipping away under the weight of general economic and social chaos, their fantasy ethos has spawned.

As swiftly as the public mood will change, gone are the manic ramblings of Bernie Sanders, out to pasture goes the consummate proto-socialist variants of former President Obama, the self-destructing Clintons and gee-wiz even “Pocahontas’ Warren is losing the lubricating luster of her slippery tongue.

Not to worry though, this lunacy will return in time to challenge the GOP as the DEMs attempt a comeback with the likes of a Kamala Harris or male equivalent, California Lt. Governor and former need-I-say-more controversial former SFO Mayor Gavin “no chest hair out of place” Newsom.

The scowling faces do, still, have one remaining champion of social-neutering and she’s still swinging; one Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Her immigration, social, and to a lesser extent, economic policy agenda has done more to force the EU’s disintegration than any effort of any E.U. Leader, bar none. It’s sort of like California – whose State Leadership has assumed the sentient state of an Uber-Supreme and Omniscient Being that God himself looks to for advice, but by a factor of ten.

Germany’s economic horsepower is clearly the lead force of/in the E.U. economic sphere however, much of its industrial capacity, like the U.S., now resides outside of its boarders.

The devastating facts haven’t quite made it to her supreme mental state of consciousness however, based on current political trends, Ms. Merkel’s illusion will be suspended in the coming election cycle by the public-pendulum. Call it Populism, Nationalism or whatever “ism” one favors at the moment, I think of it as the wrath of deprivation fueled by the forced raping of the Individual’s Sovereign Rights which the Progressive Idolatrist’s have sought to neuter or excise from the culture.

Humans are largely quite tolerant however, it is inevitable that even the most tolerant will ultimately become intolerant of tolerance. Here, in the U.S., if the RNC and the DNC aren’t careful, the intolerance of the Public that Trump tapped into will make the coming elections cycles politically devastating. For the E.U., particularly Germany, France and Italy, the waive is just beginning!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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