Tax Reform Update – Will Obamacare Individual Mandate Save Tax Reform?

Thinking in metaphorical terms consider the following:

Acts of Desperation are quick to dissolve one’s focus on higher purpose.

Merging Healthcare Reform with Tax Reform is, without a doubt, an act of desperation and for two good reasons:

  1. If Congress is unwilling to completely abandon the concept of Government Funded Healthcare in its entirety, and do so by restoring a functional Market-based architecture, then how does one expect that by the simple act of removing the funding mechanism for a failed system, which still remains, somehow forces what they’ve already failed to or have been unwilling to do will suddenly occur?
  2. If the proposed Tax Reform Plan is designed to fail, and it presently is, then how does one reconcile, rationally, that the merging of two failures somehow makes success?

Political alchemy at its best and worst!

What troubles me most about this Individual Mandate approach is that, if it passes, it assures that the GOP, like the Dems before them, will take the low-road-solution to resolving the massive problems with Obamacare. This is to say, they’ll likely throw it over to State Subsidies which is a mask for national healthcare via Medicare/Medicaid.

Doing so will blow a hole in what is already an unmanageable Government Program; Guaranteed!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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