The Drama that is DACA

The Drama that is DACA and the Dishonest-Truths of those who sell it! A few thoughts to consider:

1. The “We are a nation of immigrants” is one of those statements that at first blush sounds so poignant and relevant, a complimentary monument to the Nation’s structure and its people who left everything with the hope of becoming a part of a most powerful promise occurring never intending or hoping to become separate and apart from it. There was a time when the richness of the bond caused it to be integral to the promise, wrapped in and indistinguishable from the body of absolute truths so much so that you intuitively understood that objection to its richness was unthinkable; not anymore.

As a rallying cry it has achieved the status of other impassioned repartee having come before it; “Join or Die”, “Don’t Tread on Me”, “Liberty or Death” and the many others all having suffered the abuses of over-use, ignorance at the hand of those who simply can’t fathom the price that was paid in exchange for the freedoms, the liberties and the opportunities won and for which each of these statements memorialize. Think about it! On the occasion, imagine, for the first-time hearing any one of these phrases; imagine what might be the first thoughts to cross your mind. What expectations would you have of another’s response to the same question? Most people, including most Americans, have lost their understanding, their grasp of the American Ideal’s lofty message that is both a prayer and a pledge. For example, do you understand what “e pluribus unum” (“out of many, one.”) means? I didn’t ask you to translate it; I asked if you know what it means and if you don’t then you are indeed part of the problem that plagues this Nation and by extension the entire planet. Good Lord! Let me leave it this way: By design the only thing we have in common, and I am speaking with reference to how or the manner we animate our approach to life, is that we are equally entitled to our Individuality and what you do with that is up to you and not a function of what you can gain, steal, or confiscate from someone else regardless of the means you use to achieve it and yet, the validity of this statement is also proven by its greatest irony; the number of people who do just that, steal or confiscate as their method of choice or tool for recording achievement.

2. We need to ban the use of yet another syllogism: Melting Pot, the absurd illusions that we’ve manufactured to simulate “equality” which in the current animal-world means the ability of the few, the underperforming Intellectual-Elitist, to freely assign or transfer the demands/burden of the unwilling and underperforming to an increasingly narrow group known as the unentitled-performing. The I.E. are self-anointed rogues who only manage to achieve their standing largely because the truly intelligent among us are anesthetized by their mindless chatter, the poisonous off-gassing of the droning bile. Pure agony! They are known for their demoralizing thoughts and as a distinct and specific theology they are devoutly counter to the perfecting ambitions of the sovereign Individual. The metaphorical use of the “Melting Pot” term simulates the perfecting of the many thru the perfecting heat and tension of the process whereby the singular identity they adopt and adapt to is the Common Ideal. It is the Common Ideal that is the great equalizer and not the dumbing-down nonsense promoted by the multi-cultural cheese-puffs.

3. There is a well-known saying which states that “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” The ornamental intellectual (Politician and Immigration Opportunists) have twisted this remarkable truth into a syrupy mash of chimerical ooze; as you think about how it has been perverted from its true meaning don’t be alarmed if on the occasion you hear someone use the phrase incorrectly, if you develop a sudden urge to electrocute them. In short form, this message is not meant to imply that for those who get or are rewarded with a bunch of something must, in order to be seen as being righteous, be joyously willing to give it all away in exchange for absolutely nothing at all! It’s a perfectly moronic interpretation of an age-old missive. The phrase is simply another take, a refining one at that, on the “for as ye sow so shall ye reap” metaphor. In both cases the genius of the lesson remains unchanged; the outcome, presumably to give of the excess that you have “given over” of yourself (you have dedicated yourself to doing) to accomplish remains distinctly the choice of the Individual and not the prosaic self-serving nymph who, by the way, has no greater willingness to attend to their personal needs than do the others who prey along their side. That desired outcome is a proportionate result of effort and qualitatively so as to the proportionate demands on one’s character. In other words, if you want to speak boldly about your desires for a profound new humanity then be prepared to personally apply the effort and do so as if your very existence depended upon it.

4. What we know is that illegal immigration costs this Nation, at the Federal level, approximately $135 Billion (Net) per year and this number, mind you, excludes State, Local and Private subsidies; no one really knows the actual numbers because it’s in no one’s best interest to develop it. In 2013, as part of preparing “Valor in Prosperity” 2nd Edition TIMF Staff spent three weeks reviewing volumes of data/studies in an attempt to compose a reasonably factual number and at that time we’d actually verified a national cost of $375 Billion and that was net of any revenues collected by or payments made annually to Federal and State Agencies by the Illegal Alien Community. Relegating the U.S. Taxpayer to what is essentially the Funding Arm of a Global Welfare Agency is perfectly absurd.

5. The Political Class has proven itself to be dedicated to the diminution of the American Ideal and it became abundantly clear that the American Ideal was going to be forced, by both Democrats and Republicans, aside favoring instead the wishes of the Global Order. When you listen to this old sound-bite you can’t help but sense, from her own expressions, that even she (Diane Feinstein) is overwhelmed by the treachery she’s now a part of. In her own words, “The day when America could be the welfare system for Mexico is gone.”

6. As it presently stands the only reasons for why our Dysfunctional Immigration System exists is because the Political System wants it to. They want it for expanding in-roads into political power by selling privilege in exchange for votes. Businesses fight enforcement in exchange for a self-generating supply of cheap consumable labor meanwhile the very Ideal that lies behind the poem, penned by Emma Lazarus whose words chide “Brazen Giants of Greek Fame”, deeper meaning unceremoniously passes on to become yet another layer of the indiscernible ash heap of history. This is the New America they’re after, the New America conjoined and then indistinct among the Order of the non-distinct, of no absolutes but the absolutes of irreverent opportunism where taking is free and of no consequence so long as you accept it is for the greater good (who and whatever that may be) to do away with the significance of meaning and that which is meaningful.

Once you are prepared to strip away the layers upon layers of lies you are then forced to come face to face with your fears which is an event that is as terrifying as it is a gloriously liberating event. Terrifying because you discover the damage the illusion has done and how we played right along with it. Liberating because you discover you have two choices: Return to the illusion or Fight against it. The great lesson we are increasingly understanding, that we must own, is that life and the extent to which it is a glorious event or an agonizing mistake, is all and only ever about choosing from among the choices that exist or those we create; which is precisely how the Creator designed it!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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