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The Drama that is DACA

The Drama that is DACA and the Dishonest-Truths of those who sell it! A few thoughts to consider:

1. The “We are a nation of immigrants” is one of those statements that at first blush sounds so poignant and relevant, a complimentary monument to the Nation’s structure and its people who left everything with the hope of becoming a part of a most powerful promise occurring never intending or hoping to become separate and apart from it. There was a time when the richness of the bond caused it to be integral to the promise, wrapped in and indistinguishable from the body of absolute truths so much so that you intuitively understood that objection to its richness was unthinkable; not anymore.

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Immigration; How Extreme is Trump?

Is Mass Deportation (voluntary or involuntary), Boarder Control, Currency Flow Restriction and Ending “Anchor” Baby Policy so extreme? Or is the hype merely an extension of an obvious reality no political technician dare face?

The facts are that this Nation’s political regime long ago surrendered sovereign allegiance in favor of expedience. The consequence of which is an exponential growth in debt, uncontrollable budget/spending routines, a decapitated financial/economic sector and an evaporating social cohesion. Not to mention a population, generally, that is so miss-informed that not only are they unable to recognize the cause of their decline they find the frighteningly few solutions peevishly offensive.

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Executive Action, Constitution & Slavery

As the war of threats continues to be waged over Mr. Obama’s threat to ratify residency for millions of illegal aliens I think it appropriate that a few (relevant) points be tethered to your considerations:

(1) The President has no such capacity to act unilaterally as to existing law or legislation; he must “faithfully” enforce the law, period.

(2) He cannot, by executive fiat, express or act by writ, any authority not expressed within the Constitution that either commands or self-assigns supplemental authority to the Executive Branch.

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Pelosi Façade Exposed by Challenge

Like many elected officials accustomed to the security curtain of scripted lies, Ms. Pelosi’s only defense was to stage a charge across the House floor, toward her challenger, Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa). The fact is there is little to champion in the House’s latest effort to address the despicable Border/Immigration antics, led by the White House and the Dems. It is however refreshing to see a certain willingness on the part of a select few officials to name and shame those responsible; we need more of it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Border Wars; an Internal Struggle

While the political-media would brow-beat your mind with the inhumanity of the southern border they effectively cloud a far greater issue; is it an Immigration Policy issue or is it a Security Crisis? Are we a nation that refuses to defend itself? Is the strength of a Nation defined by its nuclear/conventional or the continuity of its internal bond?

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