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What I Noticed in Passing…. 

“Take care one must consider, each step becomes a pattern engaging some to follow. Inviting is the outstretch hand that reaches to aid another; our actions blaze a pattern giving life to all that follows. To mirror me or I to you, then and if you will, imagine for yourself what at once becomes of we. Pause and take not lightly what duty yet becomes and though distant may be the moment ones imprints purpose may reveal, all become the seed of that which shapes the footprint and the hand a moments shyness may conceal.”   

As with all things and components of the universe it would be seemingly impossible to separate the relationship of cause and effect.  There is however an interesting component to add to the equation: foresight.  No? 

If there is foresight, or if we consider the concept as possible, which in itself is insightful, then of course we can see that well before the outcome of effect and its trigger mechanism cause, there must be some “thing” even before that?  There is of course, don’t you know, intellect. 

I live in an area of northern California that, natively, was a pretty barren scene.  Rolling hills of native grasses incidentally marked by oak, manzanita and the occasional madrone trees. A very different scene from how it appears today as over the years it was discovered, with the help of the genius of Luther Burbank, the lands of Sonoma and surrounding counties are quite blessed with a soil quality that, in effect, if you plant it, whatever “it” is will most definitely grow. This planting (pattern) has been replicated (seed) countless times (mirror/moments) and it shows (reveals).   

Back to the point: The seasonal winds sweep briskly across the area blowing dust and loose debris in whatever direction it chooses and at some point, a farmer (likely), decided that a “wind break” was in order.  Eucalyptus trees, noted for their height and relatively fast growth, were imported from Australia and they were strategically planted at various locations, usually adjacent to the home or barn or select fields, for this purpose.  To this day, rows of these trees dot the landscape of Sonoma County. 

Foresight (discerning “need”), Cause (plant tree) and Effect (wind-break).  Couldn’t be more simple and I use this illustration deliberately so. 

The beauty of this topic is in its simplicity and the universality to nearly all things one encounters.  Now, I trust, when you have the moment and re-read the opening paragraph, the message may be more provocative and engaging. 

The outcome of course, I will leave to you which, is precisely as it should be! 

Still, I can think of a few in national and state government that could benefit, immensely, from this little ditty too!  Feel free to pass the “link” along. 

“The things we do are the mirror of our thinking defining, ultimately, what become the habits we perfect!”

 Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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