Immigration Bias Fractures Principal

“When none seek to converge on the ideal, what becomes the outcome is none but the inevitable curse of bias intentioned advantage.”  

 And so, you have the politics of divisiveness being predictably and artfully articulated not from the position of the “ideal” but solely from the position of “advantage”.  

Case in point:  Mr. Obama, as well as several members of the House and Senate, weigh in with heavy-handed demagoguery assailing the sovereign rights of the State of Arizona labeling their efforts as “divisive” and “reckless”.  Several California Officials having gone so far as to make the claim that Arizonans are “bigots” and “racists” tendering such infantile matters of recourse such as suspending business with or boycotting the State of Arizona.   Then of course, there is the inevitable scourge of objections conspicuous by the media sound-bites memorializing the “well-meaning and spirited” public.  This practice is patently disingenuous and shameful.  

Arizona, as a sovereign state, has every right to defend and protect its form if not only by or as expressly provided for and/or pursuant to the provisions of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, then by the act of self-nullification on the part of the Federal Government due to its unwillingness to faithfully address the issue.  However, more to the point, the Arizona statute, as I’ve studied, does not preempt federal statutes, it merely extends existing law to the domain of the state authorities.  A few points to consider: 

  • Concomitant with the ideal of “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….” is it not fair to assume the resources necessary to perfect the same?
  • If we do, in fact, “…hold these truths to be self-evident…” and “inalienable”, how then can any person of conscience object to prohibitions, by all means necessary, to protect said “inalienable right”?
  • If then we resolve to these as being “inalienable”, what then defines the organism whose sole purpose is to both object to the “inalienable rights” and simultaneously inure to itself the assumption that it has the right to do so?
  • It then, of course, follows to the most tragic indictment of all:  What does it say about a Nation, its Government and its People, who no longer know or care to know that these Ideals are SACRED, “Inalienable” and inviolable?

Nazi state indeed!!!  When was the last time you boarded an Aircraft and were not asked for identification?  Purchased a vehicle, a home, opened a checking account and not have to produce ones I.D.?  Shoot recently I was pulled-over by an officer for talking on a cell phone, yes even I had to show my I.D.!  Racial  profiling,  utterly absurd and equally specious by suggestion.  

“We can not expect the idea of “separate and a part” to be a functional immigration policy. It voids the requirement of assimilation and the convergence of all parts upon a common ideal.”

The Two-Party System loves the conflict as it creates a transferable electoral benefit. In short, the “Two-P’s” use both the fear of loss and the desire for beneficial gain on the part of the immigrant as a means to court votes.

Yet, whatever one labels the inertial force that lies just behind the emerald curtain, whether it be globalism, predation or just plain neglect, the fact is this country cannot afford the social, environmental, systemic and sovereignty costs associated with the current immigration policy.  To put in more simply, this Nation has long outgrown and can no longer afford the uncontrolled mass-propagation that is the consequential effect of predation-politicking!  

“More of bad doesn’t make the bad better, it just make whatever it is, worse!”

A clear distinction needs to be made between what constitutes the right to citizenship and by what means, i.e., immigration policy, it may occur. As a nation we simply must grasp that whatever the compelling force, the effects of the social/entitlement costs, crime and health epidemics as well and the various means by which they are arbitrarily promoted,  serve only to destabilize the very fabric of the United States. All and each of these  occurs by the willful fracturing of its structure and the weakening of this Nation’s Constitutional ideals.  I’ll favor “Inalienable Rights” over the mockery that is “social justice” any day,  if one has the mind of reason, most will agree.

The assertion that illegal immigration policy is justified to provide labor for “jobs Americans won’t do” is simply not supported by the facts. Further, I find the premise’s inference nakedly vulgar particularly if the motive then becomes to provide cheap labor on the backs of those who do not possess the means to advance beyond that standing!  

In effect, it promotes the establishment of a “slave” or “peasant” class evidenced by, one of many such programs, where public schools teach bi-lingual/native language/immersion programs which further inculcates the disintegration of the American fabric. Further, it serves to perpetuate economic caste and suppress the individual’s ability to improve his status, economic or otherwise. When one considers the devastating economic consequences of “off shoring” all of the most valuable components of a functional “wealth creating economy,” not only does this reality prohibit economic advancement, it redefines the traditional American culture into two distinct classification: Those who have and those who do not!   

“To believe you can strengthen the ideal by disemboweling its structure is to believe in the promise of curing the disease by killing the patient! We must never extend the hand of freedom to any whose actions violate this Nations ideals!” 

To be sure, it is fair to say that people, regardless of their point of origin, made their way to this part of the globe searching for a more sustainable means of subsistence. Regardless of one’s historical perspective as to the settling of America, the fact remains seemingly clear that there is a noble urge compelling one to seek and perfect a better life. To escape bondage or the conscripting of ones effort in any form and join with others to assure the same or a common and beneficial outcome is a remarkable ambition. It would be a resounding demonstration of hypocrisy then to espouse the ideals of freedom whilst at the same time limiting participation. However, as with any thing of value, there is a price and none should be exempted from paying it, to do so is to lessen its value! 

For all who would claim to be American, it is not sufficient to claim the title, it is not sufficient to claim citizenship, it is not sufficient to claim lineage or entitlement by birth. But more so, it is to understand the value, true value, of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and to appreciate, understand and hold sacred the nobility of its purpose and the necessity of which that made its ideals worth fighting and dying for!  It is to ignore the nihilists notion of “It takes a village of the mindless.” and ascend to the ambition that animates the desire of a independent minded, freedom loving people converging upon and about a common ideal that promotes and assures their inalienable rights to “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Yes, it truly it is a melting pot. The only problem is – it’s the pot that is melting!”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

Note:  Insertions by quote are excerpts from “Blind Vision Volume I: We Hold These Truths” by Curtis C. Greco

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