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WiNiP – Mirror & Moments v4.10b

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

“Take care one must consider, each step becomes a pattern engaging some to follow. Inviting is the outstretch hand that reaches to aid another; our actions blaze a pattern giving life to all that follows. To mirror me or I to you, then and if you will, imagine for yourself what at once becomes of we. Pause and take not lightly what duty yet becomes and though distant may be the moment ones imprints purpose may reveal, all become the seed of that which shapes the footprint and the hand a moments shyness may conceal.”   

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Fixing Reterement, Progressive Style!

There is a fundamental flaw in how the Government approaches retirement and, for that matter, just about everything it processes.  Its typical approach is to present a “Presumption of Cause.” This then becomes its means by which it affects a sort of self-endorsement or perceived legitimacy.  It’s purpose then become not the process of perfecting an environment but one whose desire is to simply further control it.   Then,  as we can see throughout the last 110 years of American History,  its ambitions  become unsustainable failures which then triggers its own summary resolution for addressing the problem it creates which is to simply camouflage the foul by executing further errors in judgment.  This is Progressive Government! You doubt this? The Federal Government is not sufficient proof? Then take a look at the State of California, the poster child for self-destructive gluttony.  No good enough?  Look at the History of Argentina, try the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands or Mexico to name a few.  Progressive ideology’s legacy of success!

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A Hope and Message

As I recall, the year was 1993 and I was sitting with a dear friend who was nearing the end of her life.  She was diagnosed, a year earlier, with a terminal illness and her corporal form was yielding to the inevitable. She looked at me and said, “Curtis, please sing for me, sing me that song I heard you sing the other day, you know, the one about ‘…count your blessings instead of sheep!”  I did, of course, honor her request and I remember the moment well.  As I sang each word my eyes filled with tears mostly because of all the possible things she could have asked of me, what she wanted most was this simple song and she asked that I sing it to her.  Me, she wanted Me, to sing for her!   

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In Practice et seq v1109a


It’s not sufficient for each to simply make a mark!  NO!

We need to make a lasting impression!

However and more importantly, we owe one another an impression worth replicating!  Why? 

You must know:  there is no void created by your absence,  there IS only the lasting burden to mankind who perpetually languishes until you appear!  And when I say appear,  I don’t mean show up,  I mean demonstrate the unique expression of divinely inspired genius that you, and you alone, possess! This, in silent desperation, is what the world lies in wait for!

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Health Care Starving the System

October 3, 2009

“The Politicizing of Governance is not that practice of preserving sound republican principals; it is the preserving of an illusion the sound principals are being practiced!” 

The heat is on, the desperation of a system attempting to imbed the conscience of the unsuspecting populace with a discussion that is so void of substantive reason I scarcely know where to begin! 

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