Iranian Strategy on Stage at the U.N.

What is known is that Iran has a pernicious nuclear program and it is known that they are processing and stockpiling weapons-grade uranium (since 2003) and from trace indications, plutonium as well. Whether or not they actually have produced a nuclear-device is merely a matter of semantics as it is known that Iran has successfully performed testing. The purposes of which can and are only ever used for detonating a nuclear-device however it doesn’t end here. There’s a report (see: Die Welt: March 4, 2012), backed by “western intelligence sources”, indicating that Iran has been detonating nuclear devices, in North Korea, since 2010.

Reading between the well-crafted lines of Iran’s President Rouhani’s U.N. speech it is clear that his aim is twofold: Assert that Iran is a balancing and peaceful Nation representing an indispensable influence in calming the Western-induced ISIS/ISL crisis and that they are eager to join forces with the West; for a price. What’s the price? Simple: back off all attempts at containing Iran’s nuclear program and suspend all economic sanctions.

Despite all known risks and considerations that furthers expansion of nuclear weapons technology it must be prohibited at all costs. President Obama and Mr. Kerry (as well as Mrs. Clinton before him) believe the Iranians can be impressed into submission giving the President, who believes his aplomb is irresistible, a positive blip in an otherwise fantastically-failed foreign policy slate.

Given the present status of Iran’s Nuclear Program there is no longer a fail-safe condition; with each passing day the object of reversible conditions degrade and if the President succeeds in creating the illusion of an Iranian accord then it will only serve to prove that Iran is, in fact, a Nuclear Armed State.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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