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Hostage Return on Investment

Humans, on occasion, are capable of profound wickedness, however when Governments, controlled by wicked incompetence are unleashed the risk expands geometrically. Yes, by all means, the release of any person being held against their will and without just cause is worthy of celebration – no question!

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Iranian Strategy on Stage at the U.N.

What is known is that Iran has a pernicious nuclear program and it is known that they are processing and stockpiling weapons-grade uranium (since 2003) and from trace indications, plutonium as well. Whether or not they actually have produced a nuclear-device is merely a matter of semantics as it is known that Iran has successfully performed testing. The purposes of which can and are only ever used for detonating a nuclear-device however it doesn’t end here. There’s a report (see: Die Welt: March 4, 2012), backed by “western intelligence sources”, indicating that Iran has been detonating nuclear devices, in North Korea, since 2010.

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