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Russia: Imminent Response?

Putin understands that Russia’s economic future is tied to Oil & Gas. Regardless of all the labels applied to him, never forget Putin views himself as not only the Protector of the Russian Legacy, he is a Former KGB Officer who knows, quite well, the capabilities of U.S. & British Clandestine Operations.

Putin also knows that there is no Nuclear Option. The assurance of Mutual Destruction is a card Putin WILL NOT PLAY; he doesn’t need to as there are so many other alternatives he can employ that will have far more conspicuous and destructive effects. Asymmetrical responses have far more destructive capabilities producing psychological damage(s) that are far more lasting.

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U.S. Secretary of State; a Going Forward Quality

Keep in mind that given the world imbalance Trump is inheriting, his going-forward protocols must position the U.S. in such a manner that personifies resolve, strategic, rapier-like in response. Particularly in defense of its assets and interests, and absolute in its ability to demonstrate an astute and measured capacity for achieving rational and balanced agreement.

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Might the Iranian Nuke Deal be Unraveling?

It’s been known, apparently with the exception of the Obama Administration, that Iran had long proven it capacity (since 2003) to produce weapons-grade uranium. Given trace evidence of both uranium and plutonium (found at a nuclear site, by the IAE, in 2006) along with confirmed N. Korean technical assistance and you have a 90 percent plus likelihood that Iran has tested, either at depth in Iran or in N. Korea, a WMD.

Question: Why would Iran surrender their ability to “develop” fissionable material to the U.S.?

Answer: They didn’t surrender development “potential”; they’d long gone beyond it.

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ON AIR with Host Mike Miller of WIMA 1150

The Foundations Weekly On-Point Series continues with Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA in Lima, Ohio and Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco. This week features – “Step One: How the U.S. Might Recover from Failed Foreign Policy Structure.” – this vignette appearing throughout the week during Michael’s 6-9 a.m. (ET) Show. Ohio’s In-Tune & In-Touch Host, catch him Live in-market or online at www.1150wima.com.

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On the Horizon: October Surprise!

With the dizzying area of political-mischief going on it can be difficult to observe movement in directions adverse to your interests. By now it should be clear that in the hierarchy of the Democratic-Republican Order that there is no difference, particularly in Foreign Policy. As far as the Domestic Agenda is concerned there is common ground as well. A general hostility as to both the interests and judgment of the American People and you know this to be true as all one has to do is observe how the minority opinion drives the majority outcome:

(1) Obamacare

(2) Immigration

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