Fawning Over A Senator Further Preserves the Tradition of Elitism

Every life matters as every Individual possesses the promise of the Creator’s Image and the possibility of or potential for the fullest possible expression of the unique gift we are each charged with the moment we come into being. We all have a date certain that will mark the transition between the lives we presently lead and the realm which follows; I believe we should do more to celebrate the lives of those who, working to express their unique gift, make permanent gains elevating and advancing the universal cause of Man and far less energy fawning over those whose actions delay or interfere with his advancement.

By further entrapping the bounty of human potential within the entrails of the political schism, like many of his contemporaries, McCain remained true to himself to the very end. For this, I suppose a personal adornment of a Building, Bridge or Aircraft Carrier with his name would be appropriate, after all, we mustn’t refuse an opportunity to remind the Public of just how important pandering political indulgences remain important to the process. The Senator’s Political Legacy is so John, particularly with the clear understanding that he was well aware of the terminal nature of his health condition, to not do the honorable gesture of retiring from the Senate but instead held on to his political algorithm for as long as the system would allow.  [Read:  Classic “Maverick” behavior.]

Yes, the well scripted soliloquy of the politically astute “Maverick” – who somehow managed to obtain the extraordinary privilege of lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda – that with his passing triggers the peculiar forms and traditions of elitism the Elite insist upon preserving which is as much an exercise aimed at reminding the Public of their station as well as to serve as a reminder for surviving club members of the privileges  awarded them upon their passing. Even the re-writing of history eventually gives way to the truth so why bother perpetuating a myth?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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