Compelling is neither Corroborative nor is it Credible!

Sen. Booker responsible for defective Ford Pinto Fuel Tank Explosions; believes the fumes caused him lasting brain damage. A now no longer secret report claims Sen. Blumenthal stated he was present during filming of fake Apollo Lunar Landings while “background sources” claim Sen. Kamala Harris crashed California Agricultural Checkpoint. Yes indeed there are even some who believe that a SFO TSA Agent, under conditions of anonymity, claims that she was  (merely for medicinal purposes) transporting multiple cases of Cannabis Oil she recently purchased in Colorado.  Each, in there on way, magnificent expressions of the apocryphal.

One is entitled to feel  whatever you wish about whatever you want which includes the option to revere the illusory enamel and glitter of codependency. However, eventually there must be a meeting of the mind the kind which centers on truth and on fact and the processes that compels one toward a reliable conclusion. Otherwise, what you arrive at is a disfigured reality, versions of truth and the synthetic comingling of ambiguities the leave the conscience and the mind fully fractured.  The result of all this resolves to an affair of theatrics, what I refer to as the False Premise Simulating Reality Syndrome and we know from experience that the FPSRS is a terrifying pseudo-reality for one very important reason: It fails and it fails with magnificent predictably.

Behind all of what is presently going on, the underlying hyper-tension that you observe in the voices, the speech patterns and the expressions of these fanatical fascists is the unsettling reality of truth working its way thru to their conscience and let us pray that the process continues expeditiously.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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