A Crisis Rules the Cure (or A Shot Across The Bow)

High on our list of priorities should be to insure that we never allow a Government Response to include containment of the cause. For this reason I believe the accompany story on Dr. Li Wenliang, “Coronavirus Kills Chinese Whistleblower Doctor”  should be part of the historical narrative – these links are dropping like dead flies – and serve as a continuing reminder of just how invasive global governance has become and how easily PSYOPS are used to distract, redirect and reconfigure a public response and, I must add, that how you interpret this article will serve to illustrate your own understanding/awareness of its pervasiveness.

Oh yes the proven fraud of the Russia Collusion narrative most assuredly worked well and so well that no one bothered to pursue the $5 Billion Obama/Biden laundered thru Ukraine. Then of course what of all of the Investigations promised by A.G. Barr which now seem to have neatly recessed and will soon fade, unceremoniously, off into the unknown taking residence with all the other forms of malfeasance that came before and will, undoubtedly parade jubilantly off to become part of the quicksand so vital to the narrative production it’s become an indispensable tool for disposing of an incredible number of malignancies.

A quick sidebar, for the moment, to offer a thought relative to the social impact and the manic risk associated with PSYOPS. I think it important to remember that mania is often the result of what originates as a singular issue which then mutates into a shaped-charge (in multiples) often of mythical proportions, all occurring simultaneously making the containment of what would otherwise be a manageable scenario into something quite different, something far more malignant, the “Lone Gunman” theory is an oft used touchstone that helps overload the system/mind.

Let me offer a bit of perspective for dialing-you-in to the meaning of the previous comments. For pretty much anyone over the age of 55 you will recall the turmoil of the Vietnam war and the massive social chaos, the unimaginable loss of life, the crushing blows to sacred orders and so on. Sit for a moment and reminisce on this time period and reacquaint yourself with the demoralizing horrors of the time and then, remember this: The Vietnam War was initially sold to the American Public by using an event, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, that NEVER OCCURRED! JFK, DEAD because he would not endorse/support military conquest, RFK, DEAD because he was working to expose those responsible for his Brothers death.

The point being is this: It is quite possible, if not entirely likely, that although Wu-V19 (virus) originated in a natural setting (animal to animal – and if you observe the open-air animal markets of Wuhan you will be completely repulsed by what occurs) it is reasonable to accept that military/scientific interests were, concurrently, manipulating the Animal to Animal sequence of the virus when their security/custody protocols failed; get clear that it is nearly impossible for an animal to animal virus to mutate to an animal to human virus without having been manipulated. From previous episodes there is a known pattern of events that expose a lackadaisical regard for custodial order, I’m speaking of the Chinese Pharma/Gov’t/Military complex, there is no reason to believe that from the compost of fascism that conjecture of this type should be thought of as irrational; the body of history proves otherwise.

I believe this entire fiasco requires us to consider what possible motives might lie back of what many might not yet be willing to consider or assign a motive so extreme or seemingly unconscionable; often all it takes to set one perspectives on track is offered from the venue of historical review the most acutely relevant being the Opium Wars of 1830’s and again in the 1850’s and the level of depravity at the heart of these events; a blistering indictment of the darkness that remains a part of the human condition.

At the point where waring for profit eclipses Man’s deferential regard for his own virtues, prohibitions that once distance man from the unthinkable, vanish.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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