CNN’s Peter Alexander: The Ass End of Hyperbole!

I listen to news programs (more and more infrequently) because I want factual, current, relevant and developing news. I’m now interested in hyperbole, farming for 10 second soundbites or the staging of political gotchas edited down for maximum advantage. Watching the White House briefings is, without a doubt, a national embarrassment as media hacks play the game out in the open, the White House media machine has come to expect it and, in the Presidents case, the only choice he has is a direct frontal assault and for one simple reason: He has no control or influence over the delivery-editing process so the only chance he has to affect the record is thru blunt-force-trauma.

Most folks have either seen or heard about the exchange between the President and CNN’s White House Reporter, Peter Alexander, and for those who loathe the President they weren’t disappointed and for those that are troubled by the media dysfunction they witnessed a remarkable display of rapier like wit and the lucid command of issues. Since the broadcast I’ve received several hundred inquires and invites and though typically I stay away from contributing commentary on the nuances associated with systemic personality disorders, and anyone that has observed Mr. Alexander’s antics know him to be a truculent toad, I ultimately decided that perhaps my effort might lend an elementary response to the common theme(s) coursing thru the inquiries; they were: Why does the President respond to reporters in the manner he does and why do people run to his defense? Now, before I go forward with my response I want you take a moment and invert this thematic query and by doing so I believe one will quickly discover a surprising observations:

“Why do a majority of reporters troll this President in the manner they do and who is it that runs to their defense?”

Work it out for yourself. In any event, let’s move on to the great abuse, imbedded within the entire system, by way of the following themes which I believe faithfully represent the core-ballast of the horde that feed the likes of Mr. Alexander:

  • Nothing good comes out of anything Trump, only those in opposition to his processes do. And,
  • Whatever bad occurs is directly attributed to Trump despite the efforts of those in opposition to his malicious intent.

This paradoxical form of lunacy exist throughout this culture; the infusion of displaced identity, as a tool for misaligning the culture, has had a devastating effect on the American People and the Character of this Nation.

Now then, with the full intention to ease the emotional trauma associated with the Presidents savage attack on the diminutive intellect of Mr. Alexander, I offer, the following summary of my observations:

  1. I believe there exists two, fundamental and distinctly so, categories of conditions that serve to distort or sperate humans from rational thought: I refer to one as being those conditions or conditionings that we “Adapt to” and the other conditions or conditionings that we “Adopt.” Knowingly or unknowingly these forms of conditionings alter who and what we are, how and the way in which we orientate ourselves to the world around us and what and/or the nature of how we then “become” (the form we take on thereafter) in the hierarchy that becomes the group we associate with, the horde we become attendant to and dependent upon.Look at the world around us particularly since the mass concentration of populations began to be observed as a political base, a market source of revenues or as an inventory source for various isms looking for or wanting to harvest a body of competing follower, e.g., Cadillac vs. Chevy buyers, Winston vs. Marlboro Cigarettes, Pro-life Vs. Pro-Death, Gay vs. Straight, Pro-Sovereign Idealist vs. Never-Trumpers, Nationalist-Populism vs. Fascist-Globalism and so and yes, I deliberately selected my word choices to illustrate the accuracy of my observations and no doubt you’ve made conclusions as to my positions based on those choices all of which was intended as a proofing (tool) of my premise.
  2.  Over time, but for now let us focus on the period follow the early 1900’s, the public was teased by a particularly dangerous ism so potent it would rush the nation head-long into the temptations of Progressivism. This nuevo-elite, freshly elevated into the intoxicating luster of altruistic-egalitarianism or perhaps the latest essay from John Stuart Mill, and eager to assured themselves of admission urgently adopted and adapted to the catechisms of Progressivism. This new ism, at its core, would be a top-down attempt to reconstruct the human psyche away from the organic attributions of cause and effect and on to the most specious of all chimerical forms of narcissism: That some influence other than man himself is responsible for the decisions/choices he makes and thus being the case you are then obligated to accept that someone other than you is to blame for the outcome you believe you are being forced to endure.Edwin Bernays, a ubiquitous influence of the time and one which persists to this day, advanced many of the tenants of this (then) new found ideology thru the maturation process he developed thru his own studies (and that of his uncle, Sigmund Freud, a well-known opium addict) and application which postured as “the greatest means for trading on man, as a resource, was to access him through his weaknesses, his most native of all his vulnerabilities.” His efforts developed the era of the hyper-immersion of progressivisms which I believe should be defined as “The Post Reasoning Age of Mass Persuasion.”

    Bernays was befriended by Pres. W. Wilson, who considered himself a beneficiary of Bernays talents, which he used to change American’s Public opinion regarding participation in WW1; Bernays writings were heavily studied and reverently applied by one Dr. Paul J. Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda.  Let me offer you two of Bernay’s most delightful insights which, if you consider them deeply, will expose you to the human spirits most dangerous enemy:“But being dependent, every day of the year and for year after year, upon certain politicians for news, the newspaper reporters are obliged to work in harmony with their news sources.” And,

    “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

  3. Humans of the horde are the product of the masses both having Adopted and Adapted to the medium of thought they’ve been prescribed.
  4. The greater the threat to the Horde the greater the effort to make the threat look and/or appear increasing lethal. (Note: It is important to know that the “threat”, all the while, is neither real or does it is exist.)
  5. A manufactured Threat will cease to exist only once the Horde’s anger reaches the point where/when they accept hostile actions as a rational/justified course. This premise, of course, is completely irrational; we’re still (as a Nation) fighting a threat, from 9/11 that continues to remain as aloof and nondescript, as it did then the only difference being that the face of this unseen threat seems to ever-evolve.
  6. Humans will, even when at the depths of their conscious spirit they know the truth, even when confronted with a choice of right over wrong, will (still) choose to side with the horde even if the alternative means they will be saved from the horde’s ultimate destruction.

The public has been led to believe that we are living through a previously never achieved depth of political divisiveness at the helm of which is none other than Donald J. Trump; pig fodder! To believe so is to ignore our own (American) History and the blistering blows lobed by Thomas Jefferson at John Adams (and vice versa) both of whom who went so far into the bowels of depravity by publishing their own news prints (under pseudonyms) so that they could articulate horrendously false and inflammatory stories about one another and then what of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton antics, Andrew Jackson and John Calhoun, FDR and the army of people who were opponents of his deeply flawed New Deal or Bobby Kennedy and well known potty-mouthed LBJ to name just a few. Trump, by comparison to any of these, is quite civil and frankly, to those who think of him as being supremely toxic and venomous clearly forget what a total moral and intellectual toad Obama was perhaps only eclipsed by, you get to pick, any of the Bush or Clinton microbials.

So you see, Trump really has no choice to face the opposition in any other way than the manner in which he does; to do otherwise would mean he would have to be a part of the Horde that’s in opposition to him which is the complete antithesis of what he stands for. Look at/throughout history and you will see that great leaders were rarely, if ever, thought of as great leaders in their time and those that were, e.g., Hitler, were quickly tossed aside by, interestingly enough, the very people that championed their ascension to power (the Nuremberg Trials were populated with them).

Is Trump flawed? Absolutely! But name a mortal who isn’t. Now, as I think of it, I’m questioning whether this qualifying inquiry would even stir the conscience of an intelligent Public? Remember, you don’t get to construct the perfect human, the one or kind that under any and every circumstance will perform flawlessly and represent you with an element of perfection seen only in the Divine No, you get the good and the bad all in the one! Instead, I believe the question is best constructed about the following form, more or less: Given the choices available, from among the known, who’d you rather have at the helm of a ship being ravaged by rouge waives and howling winds?

The U.S. has been left a drift about a rather peculiar ocean, one full of drifting and contradictory currents, all types of toxic waste and petulant interests having made their mark, scars and claims and all of it is the result of our actions and interactions in search of advantage over one influence or another which begets, for me, the most obvious of all questions: Given the world we’ve created, what the hell did you expect? Conditions dictate need, and that’s just the way it is.

I’m reminded of a story of a man who found himself broke, homeless, friendless and seemingly nowhere to turn. He finds himself in front of a Catholic Church and he sees this as a perfect opportunity for him to have a showdown with God himself. He enters the church and approaches the alter where in front of him he finds a large crucifix (bearing the body of Christ) suspended from rafters above. The moment is absolute in silence and in stillness, a crisp chill fills the sanctuary and the only illumination for the moment comes from several candles whose flames dance with their own silent rhythm. He begins softly and quickly intensifies the pulsing staccato of his complaints, his anger seethes as he recites the many punishments he’s endured which he attributes to God’s indifference. Exhausted and fully drained of emotions he falls to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably, he forces his final plea: “…why, oh why did you abandon me, why won’t you do something!” A few moment pass and then the man feels a warmth swirling about his body and notices the candles glowing now more luminescent than before and then, out of the silence, he hears a soft and loving voice reply; “I did, I sent you!”

The Public has been conditioned (adapting and adopting to) by a most terrifying combination of apathy, arrogance, dependency and indifference so much so they are seemingly unable to differentiate between the forest and the trees, the threat and the cure, the cause and the effect the consequence of which is they are now easily controlled by, of all things, misdirection. I believe Trumps contempt for the media is precisely because he grasps the depths of its contamination and he’s unrelenting in his intention that it be exposed.

The media is no longer the Public’s message medium source for fact-based journalism. For the most part the media is nothing more than a magnet looking for the metallic spear of a salacious sound-bite and nothing more. Look at the tapes of this reporter and those of similar tendencies and ask yourself what newsworthy message were they after? I am amazed, when I listen to these reports pitching their questions to the President, the level of disrespect for the office is palpable but far more troubling is their lack of intellectual acuity, their inability to seize the opportunity in search of relevant information that serves the public interest instead of useless forms, panaceas to inoculate the public from important truths and their personal responsibilities associated with each.

The great crisis that I believe Wu-V19 represent is something akin to a giant wakeup call for the Human Family, an open and urgent invitation to pursue the amazing and endless opportunities waiting for folks willing to take on the inertial forces of lethargy of fascism that keeps the horde confined to government and media dependencies/addictions. No worthy outcome every occurs without first releasing one’s bond to that which suspends forward momentum.

Trump amazes me and has my respect for many reasons but none more than this: Trump didn’t need any of the crap that’s being imposed on him. Further, he had to know well in advance what, by running for the Presidency, he was setting himself and his family up for. Instead of sitting back and being an observer, instead of hiding behind the public’s absurd sense of political fashionability, instead of using his money to purchase political influence by way of an Obama-Clinton-Bush-Bernie type troglodyte, he did the unthinkable; he put it all on the line and I for one think that makes him, to me, a pretty remarkable individual.

It’s been nearly 244 years since fifty-six men attached their signatures to a document that concluded with the following statement: “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor.” I’ve read this signing statement hundreds of times over the years but it hasn’t been until recently, perhaps since the second term of Bill Clinton, that I’ve developed a greater concern that this nation has so distanced itself from the ideals that lie behind its origins that it no longer has the soul to recognize and understand their importance or the willingness and then the effort (sacrifice) required to preserve itself even in the face of a threat that makes no effort to conceal itself.

And so, at this point, I trust that you’ve come to appreciate a perspective whose summary conclusion affirms that the condition of our culture and that of the entire world has nothing to do with Trump and yet without him you’d never have the contrast required to know or identify it. Trump forces the Public to do something most humans fear more than death: Confronting the truth of fact. Why is this? Because to do so requires one to be willing to confess one’s deliberate alignment with ignorance and hubris.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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