3 Americas & Fewer Options

This past Monday, August 23rd, I had an extraordinary opportunity to visit with Pat Campbell for a “live” interview.  He’s a formidable talent and host of his own talk-radio show on 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Ok. He was supremely gracious in extending me an invitation to visit with him and to pitch the Blind Vision Series but more importantly, we were able to spend a few moments discussing critical issues affecting each and every American.

He asked me a fabulous question: “Curtis, what’s the first thing you’d tell Obama to do to restart the economy?” A seemingly simple and direct question which deserved an equally simple and direct answer and being reasonably quick on my feet, I gave him the most obvious answer; “The first thing I’d deal with is the tax code!”  In retrospect, I do believe that wasn’t quite the answer he was expecting and I had the sense he was hoping for a more creative and provocative response. Truth is, I thought is was creative and provocative but I confess, within the time available for us both, we were simply not able to go in to much of the details of why it was, truly, such a “key” response; but more on that in a moment.

You see my friends, America barren economic fields didn’t just coincidentally occur. There have and continue to be a series of critical failures in both application and interpretation of political and economic philosophy all of which are and were avoidable and yet, each deliberately planned and each meticulously executed. In any event, all, summarily, the consequence of errant judgment and evidentiary of a flawless absence of leadership as in every instance, the lucrative options for preventative avoidance were available yet sadly never (even) considered. Why?

“As with predatory business, politics enjoys the preference of a monopoly not from the position of supremacy of fitness, no, not at all. It is more so because it fears the forces which will naturally prefer a plenary of perfecting options!”

And so, what we now have is: 3 Americas, and Fewer Options!

The One you hoped and planned for.

The One you are now excluded from. And,

The One that is.

The “One you hoped and planned for” needs no explanation.  The “One you are now excluded from” is both the result of a sclerotic political organism and the entitled elitists that prefers their position and each incapable of or unwilling to respond appropriately as both “…fears the forces which would naturally prefer a plenary of perfecting options!”   The “One that is” is simply that which remains of the “One you hoped and planned for” once the former has perfected its monopoly on both the forum and access to it.

Now then, quickly to why dealing with Internal Revenue Code is so vitally important. These are excerpts from various segments of “We Hold These Truths”, “Value Given, Value Received” and “Valor in Prosperity” (the “Blind Vision” Series) and for those who share a concern over this Nation’s future, you WILL want to read each of these, if you have no such concern then I’ll suggest you not bother reading further.  Sorry if I appear petulant, but that’s the bare truth of the matter at hand.

In short, by addressing the Internal Revenue Code directly, here are a series of items/issues that can be immediately addressed (comments included);

  • Suspend Taxation on Individual “active” income below household levels of $350,000. (Creates Immediate Disposable Income Liquidity)
  • Qualification for the above would required self-funded retirement and health insurance. (Allows for elimination of massive entitlement cost burden on Federal and State Gov’t. Would also require elimination of all Government subsidized retirement and health care benefits programs.)
  • Surtax all imported goods and inventory possessing foreign labor source material components. (Protectionism is good. You cannot have a vibrant economic environment dominated by under paid or unemployed citizenry.)
  • Tax Corporate Income above $5 Million, net of distributed investor income (which is taxed as “passive income”) and/or “productive reinvestment” at a rate of 65%. (Corporations are inanimate entities and have become nothing more than a vehicle to conceal and accumulate global income. With the right tax/fiscal strategy, they, like the Government can be restored to being the ally of economic productivity and pro-generative economic and social function. To permit the suspension of the “flow thru” function of economic benefit through the art of concealment is to place the inanimate nature of the corporate form above the sovereign and providential animate of Man.)
  • Make all political campaign contributions non-deductable and void all “non-profit” enterprises. (You cannot expect to have a driving economic motivation be something other than biased if the very same motivation is permitted to purchase economic bias. “Non-Profit”, if that is the case, then there would be no income to tax – this concept is specious at its core.)
  • Orchestrate the Tax Code to void “transfer pricing” benefits of foreign sourced material and/or components. (Allowing global organizations to avoid a tax burden simply by inflating inventory costs of foreign sourced materials and/or components is not only fraud, it is utter stupidity.)
  • Use the Tax Code to structure “target industry” development by creating economic incentives for doing so. (Think of what true economic leadership and pro-generative development would occur if technology developed in the U.S. was also produced here. The collateral benefits in base industrial preservation and enhancement are exponential. The greater tragedy is this: Even if the U.S. wanted to return to the Moon, we no longer posses the industrial capability or the skilled labor pool required to produce the necessary components to do so.)


Again, these are just a few of the strategies I present in the “Series” however key to all is one fundamental component of the concept I refer to as “pro-generative” economics: “A wealth creating economy always trends toward pro-generative wealth creation.”  When “demand in search of supply” is met with a mechanism capable of meeting said “demand” with the “supply in demand,” the economic event is complete.  The problem that has been overlooked here in the U.S. for the last seven decades is that although both “demand and supply”, in various forms exists, the consumer, increasingly has a diminishing supply of “value” (income) to acquire goods and services which has triggered massive debt load creation as a substitute for truer forms of wealth. All this is due to 3 Critical Failures: (1.) Exponential Growth in Cost of Government. (2.) Exponential Growth in Corporate Influence upon Government. And (3.), An Exponential Decline in Productive Wealth.  All of which leads back to the third paragraph above (“You see my friends….”).

By the way, there is one other “strategy” I would employ, immediately: For each “Household” allow the “write-down” of one Mortgage by no less than 35% and permit “re-casting” (by choice) of the loan for a period of up to 30 years and the rate should be the very same “discount rate” available to Banking/Lending system.  Many “households”, for various reasons, have more than one mortgage and should be able to elect which one they may want to apply the “write-down.”  At this point, the Federal Government owns or insures 85%+ of the national mortgage portfolio and I see no reason why Banks should benefit from the losses imposed upon homeowners who, by the way, are not the cause of the problem.

I will close, for now, with one of my favorite quotes, it also happens to be one of my own:

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!”

You matter!  Immensely! It’s time to take a Stand4 something more than Expressing Freedom to accept failure as the only choice made available!  That, in the end, is no choice at all!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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