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America | The Promise of an Ideal

July 4th, a day to ponder the thought of what it all means, to listen to and consider the comments offered by those who respond to questions such as: “Are you proud to be an American?”or “What does Independence Day mean to you?” Over the years I’ve listened to the various responses and often I am deeply moved, inspired, thankful, on occasion disappointed and yet, I am always left with a sense of resilient hope.

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3 Americas & Fewer Options

This past Monday, August 23rd, I had an extraordinary opportunity to visit with Pat Campbell for a “live” interview.  He’s a formidable talent and host of his own talk-radio show on 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Ok. He was supremely gracious in extending me an invitation to visit with him and to pitch the Blind Vision Series but more importantly, we were able to spend a few moments discussing critical issues affecting each and every American.

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