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Do Stimulus Plans Ever Work

Earlier today I was asked to respond to the following question:

“I’m curious to know how you answer this question; When it comes to government stimulus plans, does history show that government stimulus plans have EVER WORKED? Particularly in relationship to FDR, the Depression, and the New Deal.”

For anyone interested in the more clinical explanation for this type of question, here is my response which I trust you will find of interest:

“In responding to your question, I believe the answer needs to be bracketed by a distinct series of foundational points, here are but a few:

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You Can’t Fix What Prefers to Remain Broken!

The sigh of incredulity accompanies Stimulus revisited as Mr. Obama and his economic advisors assure themselves, for all time, the label: The Lost Administration!  In years to come, historians will reference this time as the quintessential example of intentional failure. A spellbinding malaise conjoined with a persistent pathology whose viral intention can only be characterized as deliberate.  Never, since the time of Napoleon, has a nation witnessed such complete dedication to a collapsing aperture of infinite potential and possibility!

Okay, I’ve had my rant, now let’s get down to business and permit me to introduce a few key reasons for why government Stimulus Programs never, EVER, work. Before doing so, let me introduce three foundational observations:

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Curtis Greco talks Policy of $’s with KBZZ, Reno’s own “Panama”!

Curtis Greco visits with Reno’s own ‘Panama’ on 1170 Am KBZZ.  A top market broadcast with powerful insights and conversation!

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3 Americas & Fewer Options

This past Monday, August 23rd, I had an extraordinary opportunity to visit with Pat Campbell for a “live” interview.  He’s a formidable talent and host of his own talk-radio show on 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Ok. He was supremely gracious in extending me an invitation to visit with him and to pitch the Blind Vision Series but more importantly, we were able to spend a few moments discussing critical issues affecting each and every American.

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Chris Conner of Fox Radio 910AM, Roanoke, Va. welcomes Curtis Greco

Chris Conner of Fox Radio 910AM, Roanoke, Va. welcomes The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s own Curtis Greco. The show streams “live” at http://foxradioroanoke.com with a scheduled broadcast time of 7:00 Am.  Be sure an tune in for what is expected to be a lively interchange of hot topics with Curtis and Fox Radio’s top Host, Chris Conner!

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