A New Cold War Masks Predators

There’s nothing quite like a good manufactured-crisis to stir the concerns of the public and fill the vaults of war-making industries. This country has perfected the art of political-alchemy where warring factions fabricate stories in secret which are then sold, by a defiantly rogue media apparatus, to its trolling audience where the fact of what should be factual are largely irrelevant.

There’s a double-edge sword to this and it slices in both directions. There is a New Cold War already underway and it started the moment the former USSR collapsed. The West eagerly resumed its efforts to economically colonize Russia, a process suspended when the Bolshevik’s, likely under direct orders from Lenin, brutally murdered the Romanov Family. It’s extraordinarily rare to hear a frank and open discussion about U.S./Russia relations largely because the message is consistently bifurcated into a beatified rendition of the West’s graces vs. a clinical demonization of Russia-Putin.

Think of it, how much time has been wasted on the teaser that is “Russia-gate”? An investigation that has yet to link Trump to any wrong doing and yet clearly shows the Clinton-cabal’s shape-shifting fingerprints at every turn. I’ll wager that the American and World Public have now viewed American Political-Democracy in a most damaging way, thru a series of self-inflicted wounds that Putin, even at his most extreme, could have never hoped to achieve.

I can assure you that given the political gamesmanship a-foot, very few are paying attention to the extraordinary effect all of this has had on the formidability of U.S. Foreign Policy. For example: Had the media-driven political environment of today existed during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), it would have been impossible for Kennedy and Khrushchev to have mitigated the risk of full scale nuclear war. Just imagine Walter Cronkite musing over the following NYT headlines: “Comrade Kennedy Dances to Khrushchev’s Cuban Tune!”

This toxic climate is not of Trump’s making. It is a function and an extension of a dynastic form of political hucksterism that has bred a metastatic form of corruption and the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton rule personifies this extreme. They love a so-called “New Cold War” because the intellectual lunacy of the notion further licenses the extremes that have given them and their associate interests incredible wealth, expansive power, and a narcissistic pathology of entitlement. The so-called contests with Russia, the cross-generational conflicts in the Middle-East and the entire Asian Theater are all the result of strategic incremental moves aimed and targeted to drive, expose, and foster political and economic instability.

As to Trump, all they need to do is bog him down for much of his first term and as you can see from the legislative process that’s not a difficult challenge. The great question is who will be the next well-polished stooge willing to trade your future for their turn in the Oval Office  and becoming the refreshing face (Gavin Newsom??) for the next phase of degradation.

Your job is to continuously self-educate so that you are able to see thru the collusion of chaos and refuse to participate in the scheme. You need to fight it at every level, at every turn and at every decision and if you choose not to challenge this juggernaut of poison it will continue feeding its voracious appetite with your sovereignty, mind, economic future and ultimately, your soul!


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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