Alt-Right vs. Alt-Left

As the off-gassing over Mrs. Clinton’s loss continues, the Alt-Left Media Complex finds itself with a point of entry and a relevance-identity problem. Not beholden to the ALMC and devoutly media savvy, the Trump Administration, I anticipate, will soon introduce an entirely new approach to media management. One that is Public-direct and Policy-Agenda driven and directly aimed at filling the void and countering the courtesan-like bias of the Counter-Culture Media catheter now divorced from the rigors of investigative reporting and fact-based journalism.

In part, representing a component of the swamp which will refuse to be drained, the ALMC has quickly moved on to a post-Obama, dare I say, Alt-Universe idiom-rich sequel bent on extending the reign and torsional stresses that President Obama regularly practiced. The supremacy of the illusion over fact, the preference for baiting over the inconveniences of reality, the impulse rich environment of the fashionably-provocative.

Take for instance the manner in which the ALMC is treating the anti-Trump protests taking place around the Country. Crafting a message that distorts, by association, the appointment of Stephen Bannon, the ascending provocateur vs. the fact that these protestors are more likely the lingering sentiments, a caricature if you will, of the shared hubris that fueled both terms of Obama’s Presidency. A matrix of impulse driven by a shared pleasure that ignored the defects of the Clintons, the narrow mindedness of Bernie Sanders and the cult of Entertainment-Elite that collectively disposed of any relative concept of history, the algorithm of Human-Grace, no grasp of ideological depravity and clearly no attachment to the burden of performance-based outcome.

Yes indeed, in the idiom of “Alt” it’s all about messaging; the battle between the supremacy of illusion over the inconveniences of reality and one’s ability to distinguish between the two. As the by-line of the Foundation states, “If the message be true, it remains so despite the Imperfections of the Messenger.” What you believe, ultimately, is a function of discrimination. The ability to distinguish between contrasting perspectives against the backdrop of what is practicably so. As Ayn Rand observed, “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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