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Ryan Failure Saves Trump!

Having written and contributed extensively to the Repeal & Replace efforts I confess I am pleased that the Effort has been suspended; proof of the extensive damage (to the Healthcare System) completed by Dems and their fantasy-Bill, ACA, and the incredible deference awarded to the Insurance Industry, Big Pharma, the Legal Profession and the for-profit Healthcare Providers.

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California’s Oroville Dam

Anybody wonder what the Trump Administration might want for Financial Sanctuary from costs of repairs the State refused in 2005?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Democrats Growing Risk for 2018

The Trump Administration has quickly established itself as an action-based organization; clearly an extension of a President cultured outside of the protected environs unaccustomed to a price-for-failure etiquette and the fulfillment, of the Public’s will, they’ve sworn to uphold.

Government is intended to be an extension of the Public’s interests; a system were constitutional value and the Public’s interest merge and not where the divisive entrails of political interests collide. 

Nowhere is this fact more conspicuous than in the peevish exhibitions of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Gone are the devious promulgations of Sen. Harry Reid, welcome to the world of the faux outrage dramatically staged – the very cause that makes the democratic process so very messy.

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Alt-Right vs. Alt-Left

As the off-gassing over Mrs. Clinton’s loss continues, the Alt-Left Media Complex finds itself with a point of entry and a relevance-identity problem. Not beholden to the ALMC and devoutly media savvy, the Trump Administration, I anticipate, will soon introduce an entirely new approach to media management. One that is Public-direct and Policy-Agenda driven and directly aimed at filling the void and countering the courtesan-like bias of the Counter-Culture Media catheter now divorced from the rigors of investigative reporting and fact-based journalism.

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