Anchors of Delusion

Anyone reading my material would have long ago discovered my position regarding Power-Projections of State; the simple truth is that Power-Projections are either an act of weakness or that of a predator and strength, by its very nature, is its own stand-off offense.

In short, a truly strong (internally) nation has no need to operate from a position of weakness or does it mature into and adopt the predators theology.  Where the U.S. presently stands in this philosophical matrix I will leave for you to decide. One has only to look at the last 5 years of U.S. Foreign Policy antics to observe that the U.S. standing, globally, is without question, dire and the perceptions of our stand-off posture are virtually non-existent.

The U.S. Administration is defiantly solipsistic; that we reserve the right to define the world as we express it and having done so that is what it is; totally egocentric and horrific in the dangers this idiotic pretext invites. Let me place it in historical terms: Circa November 30th, 1941, 7 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Solipsists query: Where is the Japanese surface fleet?  The Solipsists conclusion: Having been unable to locate the Japanese surface fleet we are certain they have gone fishing. If you dare, review the key foreign policy events of the last 5 years and you will discover that every element of the Administration’s Policy Projections have been completely opposite of the facts or as to operational reality.

Going forward, from where we presently stand, one would have need to orientate themselves to a foundational position based on facts and having done so you would then be forced to address the developing risk occurring due (simply) to incompetence and then having done so you discover it to be the greatest danger of all. Where the force of prohibition is no longer native we should expect the loss of sanity to progressively occur.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: Yes, it may seem that I am “picking on” President Obama and for good reason; he is proving himself the most efficient at dis-integrating this nations common ideal, however I am clear that there are many who came before him; I’d say he’s tied with Woodrow Wilson. There is still one, far more dangerous than any of the culpable Chief Executives; any wonder who it might be?

#2: First of all we must understand that the present iteration of Ukraine rule was populated by the U.S. under the guide of Ms. Victoria Nuland, the Neo-Globalist Assistant Secretary of State. It should also be understood that Ukraine never invited the U.S. although it appears that the duly recognized Ukrainian Leader (now hiding in Russia) did invite Russia.

As you know I believe a nations strength is not measured by its capacity for intervention, military or political/finance, but upon its capacity to demonstrate the supremacy of its ideals within its own state boundaries; excellence is its own gravitas while peevish or predatory meddling is merely the expression of weakness. Now then, to your question “What do you think we should do???” This Nation should immediately focus on the durability of its own political and economic sovereignty as, first and foremost, a demonstration of national character and honor, and by doing so excise, by the same compelling force of excellence in character, the expanding domain of acceptable ambiguity, indifference and lethargy.

If we work on building and re-building toward the virtue and relevance in service to the common ideal then we might very well find reason to dispense with the recklessness of transient impulse and show, in and by our actions, the most alluring and captivating components of strength. These attributes are what become the tools which create once-enemies into advocates; these attributes beget friendship among nations and seed long-standing alliances. In fact I believe them to be the ultimate force-multiplying deterrence; strength from the absolute vantage of absolute strength. My thoughts.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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