Assange – Details in The Deception

Directly to the point: If you’ve not yet taken the time to screen, thoroughly, the Sean Hannity interview of Julian Assange, you need to. Over a year ago, when projecting a Trump victory, I stated “His win will unleash the devilish fury of every interest vested in the rapier-push toward global economic consolidation; the Public will be trapped in a sewer of messaging cross-fire indicative of a system that has become a bottomless pit of corruption.”

It’s no longer a question of whether the corruption is as bad as you thought, it is whether or not it is far worse than one feared. Hannity, though far from a probative master, is to be commended for going where no major media outlet dared tread. Assange is deliberative in his exposure of how the System has completely and thoroughly stepped well beyond the sacred trust of government and has become a boundless enclave of vendetta-like opportunism.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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