Dupe-State Solution

The illicit facts behind the Obama move at the UN further expose his reckless naiveté. It is absolutely the case that the French have been engaged in a perennial push, for decades, to sanction the Israeli State and had frequently appealed to the U.S. to endorse the effort. It is also the case that the U.S. has been unwilling, until now, to do so primarily for three reasons:

  1. The political influences of the pro-Israel lobby
  2. The huge economic rewards in military and non-military contracts
  3. The perceived value that the State of Israel is alleged to provide both in front line regional military and intelligence support.

From Obama’s out going perspective he no longer politically benefits from these attributes and as a last hurrah, his neo-fascist intellect , views his UN scheme as both a parting slap to Netanyahu and for the New Administration yet another failure to mitigate; there is no other way to see it.

The Israeli’s have become proficient at manipulating the U.S. Political and Economic power-brokers into providing the support they require to advance their agenda. From this the Israeli’s have become accustomed to pressing their agenda from positions of strength; no UN resolution will push the State of Israel to surrender ground gained since the 1967 War, ever!

The idea that Israel will come to the two-State negotiating table from a position of weakness, from a position that asserts (as does the UN resolution so states) that Israel is an outlaw State and could be subject to international prosecution at/by the Hague, is beyond the realm of the absurd. What Obama has done is not only a supreme act of defiance it is radically dangerous.

Obama has unilaterally established a framework that any adversarial party might use to claim offense against any State who has established its existence or expanded its boarders either in defense of its liberties or in an effort to domicile them; no Nation in existence today would survive this Obama Designed Inquisition.

The problem associated with having tolerated and enabled the Israeli’s curious approach to its self-building and expansion is that there’s yet to be a mandated two-State solution attached to it. Attempting to enforce a mandate, via the UN, upon Israel is to believe in yet another Obama fairytale! 

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest. 

#1: Well, much as the state of our own nation, Israel suffers from the kinetic neglect and influences of multiple forces that have, for their own unique and selfish interests, allowed the void to both persists and expand. You have, on one side, the old Soviet-Era politics which drove the Arab objections to a settled-peace and the opposing view that held its own contest as a tool for keeping Soviet Influences in-check; both sides heavily armed their favorite Nations and today we have a well-stocked regional killing-zone.

If we go back to the 1947-48 time frame and the planned partitioning of Palestine – a scheme devised as part of the British exodus – one observes about as rational a 2-State protocol one could have ever hoped for (and still equally so today) which was never able to be achieved primarily because the Arab Community claimed the move was contrary to the UN “self-determination” clause (a ridiculous but effective foil used by the Arab States). Where we stand today continues to be an extension of this however, now with the added tone of defiance along with an element of illegitimacy, on both sides.

The ’67 & ’73 Wars are part and parcel an extension of the very same legacy of illegitimacy; the Arabs/Palestinians hold to the illegitimacy of the Israeli State while Israel tacitly reserves the right to selectively assert that UN Resolutions (and various Geneva Conventions) 242 and 338 were never fully in affect and as such the bi-lateral components are in a yet-to-be resolved platform. After all, the Israeli position would likely claim something along the following lines: why should we be bound to an agreement if the other side is not fully committed itself to the same?

This is why Israel, absent a negotiated and fully implemented settlement, not only continues to hold on to the “acquired” lands, they treat the contested areas as booty and treat it accordingly. Whether or not, presently, Israel could survive without U.S. backing is a point that requires more space and time than presently available however, I will simply pitch the following query on this point (alone): Were Israel facing a full-scale assault, one where the future of the State was in doubt, would they resort to using their nuclear forces? What is the likelihood that the Israeli Government would surreptitiously sponsor a false-flag type operation, with the U.S. as its target, as a tool for inducing a public response which favors direct U.S. Military involvement?

At this point, to be sure, the lines of vested interests are so deeply blurred that exposing the real culprit would require a level of dedication that is unachievable given that there would be few who would be willing to come forth without risking exposure of their own complicity. The answer, the only functional answer, rests in a Confederated Two-State solution. To accomplish this will require influential forces to set aside their vested interests, military and commercial, and withhold their sponsorship – for either side – until a deal is struck. In short: give them the framework of a workable solution, put them in a conference room with the understanding that they are confined until a deal is “inked.”

Netanyahu is a guerilla-style tactician; so long as he has the upper hand of indignation he has no motivation to be anything but indignant and you, the American People, have the U.S. Senate’s nimble weakness to thank for much of this mess. Conversely, so long as the Palestinian People remain tools of a Radical Political Power-structure enabled by opponents of the Two-State Solution (one that involves Israel), their Leadership will market the impoverished conditions of their People as a testament to their long-suffering and tireless resolve and more Israeli’s and Palestinians will die.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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