Assimilation; a Crisis of Mass-Migration

While the Administration announces its token plan to accept 10k Syrian refugees it is worth noting that the U.S., already, is taking in nearly 260k migrants from dominantly Arab-speaking Muslim countries each year. Security risk, though clearly of critical concern, is only part of the issue. Assimilation into a western culture is far more critical, lasting and due, in large part, to a fundamental truth; they’re already here.

As in the case of Minneapolis and Dearborn we observe the problem first hand. There are pockets of radicalized communities spreading throughout the U.S. illustrating the massive void between those Truths We Hold to be Self-Evident and the more dominant constructs of a foreign culture that is, by its nature, adverse to these Ideals.

The solution is not to further expand the social divide in this country. The solution resides in the locality of the issues origins and affected by simply carving out a series of select safe-havens in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Transporting the problem to the shores of the U.S. may be, I grant you, politically fashionable, but the consequence is simply not survivable. Taking a step back and reviewing the manner in which the current Administration has projected its social agenda, one needs only look at how they’ve dealt with the issue of immigration. They’ve even gone so far as to insert a provision in the soon to be enacted Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement that, in effect, will usurp existing U.S. Immigration Law to an outside Trade Authority.

To that end, it should be abundantly clear that the Obama end-game has been to dissolve the American culture by diluting it and having made significant progress on this order many now find it difficult to identify what’s left to preserve.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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