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The Irreparable Damage of Judicial Activism

The 9th Circuit Court & State of Washington breach judicial boundaries by attempting to usurp both the Constitutional and Congressional provisions of authority applicable to the Office of the President. Key positions alleged, in opposition to the Presidents Executive Order (EO), are as follows:

(1) Violation of the “Establishment” Clause.

(2) Violation of the “Equal Protection” Clause.

(3) Cause of “Irreparable Harm” to those Persons, as a result of the EO, whose return to the State of Washington was either delayed or prevented. 

(4) A direct challenge to the vested authority of the Presidential to enact said EO.

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Bastardize Exec Order: A Simple Matter of National Security

While the media parrots, the Dems staged moral outrage and the Publics bewilderment assumes its lofty perch, I’m reminded that once again the fundamental facts are being completely overlooked. If anyone cares to read the actual Executive Order (EO) you will discover extraordinary relevant points:

  1. No provision of the EO is not, already, codified into existing law.
  2. There are waivers within the EO for Green Cards and existing Visa’s including both in process before the EO was enacted.
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Gov’t: What why makes it all matter?

First a question: Have we grown tired of our independent thought? Do we prefer instead to expand the distance between the refuge of freedom favoring instead the shadows of antipathy and the growing rigors of rabid autocracy? For a Nation that claims to be freedom-loving it seems an appropriate question! 

I observe a growing resentment toward liberty and along with a reluctance to assert and preserve it; the ever-expanding bureaucratization of self-government, once held sacred now viewed as a petrified relic playing host to the necrotic ambitions of self-entitled elitists; a truly pagan and hypocritical animus. 

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