Billionaires Band-Aid for Hillary

Not capable of drawing support based on her character and policy success, Hillary calls upon her depraved surrogates to run skank-ops for her. Characters like Buffett and Soros whose successes are built on predation or rabid inducement, step out of their trenches in an attempt to spike-the-ball for Clinton.

Given the deplorable economic trajectory of this Country, the inverted growth-rates, security risks, or the global standing of the U.S. among other Nations and then study the non-existent policy of Ms. Clinton to deal with any of these issues. Setting aside her own contribution to these failures, I question whether or not the Billionaires Club Members are more concerned about their political-economic future than that of their Country.

Either way it is absolutely the case that Clinton can’t win on her own without trading access to the government trough. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder  

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