Broken Immigration System or Predatory Political Apparatus?

First, a serious question: Given the disastrous performance of the Administration & Congress and given the deplorable economic/financial state of the U.S. Economy neither of which either political party has dared attempt, is any statement offered from either of these institutions of government reliable? Moreover, is this Country’s Immigration System at fault or is that it has become a political weapon/resource that is turned “in”, “out”, “off” or “on” to suit a political objective?

The fact is that a fully functioning Immigration Policy supported by a set of laws presently exists. The problem is, having become the custom of the current administration, the policy and laws are not enforced. No nation, having failed to preserve its borders and reserve its culture, survives for long. The arguments surrounding the projection of Immigration Policy as a progressive extension of the secular-spoof ignore the heart and substance of the Nation’s founding documents and continues to prove it the false-premise that it is.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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