Biden Term: Snapshots over 4 Years

What started as an exercise, the study of “what if Biden is elected”, foretold an outcome that I never expect to happen; I mean, really, who in their right mind would opt for the assured devastation promised by a Biden Administration over Trump’s proven record. Yes, for those who have an axe to grind on the head of former President Trump I’ll grant you he’d never make it in a Norman Rockwell inspired vision of Americana but let’s be honest, at this point in the evolution of the American Experiment you need a Mt. St. Helens sized ego to fight thru the bile of Presidential politics along with a visceral mojo required to overwhelm a deeply corrupted system.

“At every turn of events, at every point of this calamity’s evolution the U.S. Government got it wrong, deadly wrong.”

How bad, for the country, is a Biden White House Residency vs. that of Trump? Consider this: Trump won on the strength of his promise to Americans and despite having, largely, delivered on the original agenda and clearly intending to continue, Biden, on the other hand, managed a win by way of a planned corrupting of the voting system and without even a sleepy nod in any form even remotely approximating an agenda of “promises to keep.”

I’ve made changes to my original list (originally created in October of 2020) which is mostly items I’ve either expanding upon or several that I added; none were deleted. These prognostications represent my opinion and, you should know, are based on sound research and analysis and not the miscellaneous ramblings of some peripatetic fool.

The Biden Presidency will be shadowed by:


  • No further action will be taken against China for its involvement in the mutation of the SARS Virus. The fact that the Lab, in Wuhan, China, is the verified location of the research will fall by the wayside including the fact that Dr. Fauci was instrumental in facilitating the U.S. funding of said research.
  • The government will be obligated to justify it’s abusive practices by violating, by threat, of all established medical protocols both in research and in the practical application of customary practices associated with standards of care.
  • Pressures will be expanded to move vaccinations down the age later to school age children and for pregnant women.
  • It is, for various reasons, inevitable that the vaccines will produce mutations and thus be the source for requiring further (ongoing) vaccinations.
  • While it will be openly stated that the unvaccinated are more likely to spread the virus the reality will be unavoidable and, anecdotally, it will be seen that while this claim may be a virus of its own the fact that the Unvaccinated are not only recovering from the Virus their immune systems are quickly developing the ability to protect them from further incidence.
  • While many questions our research and reporting that the primary Vaccines were merely masking/suppressing symptoms attributed to COIVD and its variants and not shielding the body from infection results from clinical research, from within the U.S. and across the E.U., is affirming these initial suppositions.
  • It will be discovered that the primary vaccines are not only producing mutation they are also creating, across the population of the vaccinated, of what could very well be an irreversible autoimmune disorder. This will be evidenced by, to be seen in the otherwise completely health population of people with no history of health issues and regardless of their age, the appearance of odd and seemingly unexplainable ailments that will begin to appear along with a surprising increase in deaths. They will, initially, attempt to cover this by suggesting that these conditions/deaths were merely coincidental or related to underlying health issues but they will find it difficult to prove particularly because those of similar (underlying) conditions have not suffered similarly.
  • Understand that the Government and its protected Agencies are vested in the COVID Party Line so do not expect a blanket confession although Dr. Fauci might be forced to take one for the team, don’t count on it.
  • I expect that you will begin to see other Countries begin to fall away from the now Chinese sponsored WHO mantra or the that of the various U.S. Agencies touting a similar story. Suppressing truth is possible but only for a short time as what eventually happens is success stories will increasingly surface that challenge the narrative and this will set off a global revolt; those populations controlled by the artifices of totalitarian governments, such as China and here in the U.S., will be the last to surface from this perverse form of misanthropy.
  • Still, the American Population, as it has become accustomed to doing, will eventually but oh so quietly begin to drop the idiotic and ineffective use of masks, will silently acknowledge they’ve been duped, they will be angry and be dismissive of those that avoided vaccination and remain healthy.
  • In the end, it will be proven that the COVID-19 did originate from the Chinese Lab in Wuhan, that this Virus was a synthetic derivative (manipulated) of the SARS pathogen created to test a variety of purposes one being a delivery system for introducing DNA modification and as a weapon of war, that the testing was funded (in part) by the NIH, that due to near non-existent security protocols the Virus was released from the lab in Wuhan and finally, that upon discovering the release the Chinese Government closed off travel in and out of China and Wuhan specifically save for one point of departure, Wuhan which is a clear indication of the Chinese Communist contempt for humanity and the U.S. Governments disloyalty to the People it is intended to serve. Be really clear about this final point: At every turn of events, at every point of this calamity’s evolution the U.S. Government got it wrong, deadly wrong.
  • At some point, however only by a Democratic Progressive Fascist Administration, a bill will be introduced in the House whose purpose is to establish a recovery fund for those suffering the effects of COVID-19 Vaccinations (but not those vaccinated by the J&J variant). It will offer government restitution in the amount of $250,000 per vaccine. Of course, given that the Federal Government relieved the creators of these Vaccines from being liable for their product, the pharmaceutical industry will suffer no ill effect consequent to their assault on the public.

2. Influence Peddling:

  • Joe Biden will, increasingly, suffer continue to suffer from the natural effects of aging however far more troubling are the increasing frequencies of failures in competency due to what continues to be an undisclosed neurological disorder. Whether due to these conditions or the occurrence of an unsurvivable event, self-inflicted or otherwise, Joe Biden’s odds of completing his term as President will decrease with each passing day. Expect to see the support for Biden’s durability-in-office rapidly disappear and become adversarial both as he moves toward the third quarter of 2023 particularly if the barrage of attack on Trump fail to temper support for his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  • While Kamala Harris, naturally, would be expected to assume the office of the Presidency this will not happen. Expect that Harris will step down from the Vice Presidency citing something along the lines that while it has been her honor to serve in this capacity she believes her service to the people of the United States is best in the capacity of, e.g., the Director of Planned Parenthood or as homogony of a yet to be manufacture “***** Lives Matters.”
  • Concurrent with Ms. Harris’s departure a new VP will be selected and affirmed by both houses of Congress. I expect this person to be none other than the Gov. of California, Gavin C. Newsom. He has big, BIG money behind him plus the entirety of the Democratic Party. A possible alternative to Newsom, one that crafts a broad stroke of inclusiveness, and should easily seduce those who favor the Democrat slate would be Eric Adams; he and Mrs. Adams have the right look. He would also make a solid choice for VP once Biden steps down and Newsom ascends to the throne but my take is that Adams is too sharp a cat to play second fiddle to Newsom and by doing so sell-off any political capital he might have had in his hunt for the Office of the Chief Executive.
  • Once the VP selections have been made Mr. Biden will suddenly appear visibly impaired, more so than he does now, and whether in the form of formal National Address or by way of an action pursuant to the terms of the 25th Amendment, his term will come to a close but not before a plethora of Presidential Pardons are issued.
  • Joe Bidens abuse of his political station, whether as a Senator, Vice President or as President, has a well-established pattern of influence peddling. Whether directly or with operational assistance from any combination of his Son Hunter, His Brother James and/or Francis, the amount of questionable financial antics is estimated to be in the upper echelons of nine figures if not into the Billions. While these abuses should warrant an appropriate level of prosecution the most one should expect to see from these violations not to mention of the public trust and the oath of office will amount to nothing more than fodder for the Republicans, tit-for-tat antics of the loathsome News Media and background leverage for even further abuses of untold affect.

3. Mid-Term Elections:

  • If you’re a sycophant of the Democratic Party then you’ll not be too disappointed. I expect that the House will tip in the direction of the Republicans however the margins will be narrower than expected. Face it, it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go.
  • If you’re seduced by the regularity of promises made but shortly unfulfilled, yes, as stated, expect that the house will go Republic but not the Senate. While many will blame Trump for the failure to take hold of the Senate the truth is it’s the Republicans fault ant falls squarely on the shoulders of Mitt Romney and his coconspirators (Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Murkowski, Sasse & Toomey.) By the time Mid-terms come around the Public will have come squirely in-touch with what a mistake it was to have not been more active in the support of Donald Trump; they will hold the Republican Party responsible for this massive failure.
  • The end result of Mid-Terms will be grotesquely disappointing. Reckless spending will continue, aimless agenda will continue the slide toward progressive-fascism and the public’s suffering due to the total lack of character and capacity within and about the ranks of their elected officials will only grow. The caliber of people, both as elected and as appointed bureaucrats, is fighting.

4. Domestic/Foreign Policy: Ripples, Tsunamis:

The U.S. has never experienced a President (Biden) whose indiscretions have been so blatantly displayed. Really, the tailings are as conspicuous as a NYC ticker-tape parade. While the Bush family played the global game with relative finesse few, very few, understood or where aware of the extent theirs was and remains a well-thought-out organism of financial interests interacting, bilaterally, within and about the geo-political strata. By contrast, to that of Biden, their financial gains were well concealed with the help of a defensive architecture that largely kept their abuses out and away from the prying eyes of suspicion and those around the world understood the power of this footprint. Biden’s persona, on the other hand, reads like a cheap dime store novel, available to anyone and completely void of character or fortitude.

The selling of U.S. Assets, physical or intellectual, is a tough task for a sitting U.S. President to affect; these abuses, when they occur, are third-party tasked or take place once their term has expired; none have been more effective at the art than the Clintons; Hillary continued the affecting of exchange through her role, among others, as Secretary of State. How else do you think they were able to fund (estimates indicated $2.5 Billion) the “Clinton Global Initiative?”

As to Biden, the damage he’s caused is not yet fully known however the tell-tale signs of raunch have been there all along; I’ll venture to guess that that assault-force aimed at the taking down of Trump (and holding him there) has more to do with their fear of being exposed than anything having to do with Trump.

Let’s be clear, within and outside the U.S. there exists a fully synchronized system of predators. Since the end of WWII the U.S. has provided an element of Order, a critical feature keeping the cabal of predators in-check both within the U.S. and those about the exterior. This near perfect imbalance the notion of Globalism provides persists, at least for now, because of the variety of leverages that keeps its variables in-check however it requires constant metering otherwise, such as in the case of Biden, if left to its own devices it will spin wildly out-of-control until some other “element of Order” steps in, recalibrates the system of leverages by applying its own “elements of Order.” Trump had to be removed, he was not of the Order, with popular support in his corner he had no need of their favor or had no interest in obtaining it. Period.

The “Black Swan” risk of Joe Biden is not what he will do that will do damage to the Nation, the far greater risk is what will take place because he’s occupying the Presidency and will not be able to act in a manner that would otherwise prevent instabilities that trigger adversities and/or when they do occur he will not be able to act.

Now then, with these few points in mind, the following is my considered outlook on U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy however before you proceed be clear that while I make and offer these observations it should be clear that quite often you will discover that am devoutly opposed to most of the causal forces/conditions that lay behind the occurrence of these events:


  • Biden’s Family dealing with Russian Oligarchs will keep the U.S. Administration from taking a proactive role in opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Likewise, Biden’s quid-pro-quo actions in Ukraine will keep the Administration from denying military-aid to Ukraine. While I don’t expect there will be direct U.S. involvement in the Russia vs. Ukraine battle Ukraine will receive advanced U.S. Weaponry as well as the same from other NATO aligned Nations. Either way, the risk of exposure, for the Biden’s, will prove to be a massive economic drain and a near unrecoverable loss of standing for the U.S. already suffering in its slide through economic and cultural decay.
  • Expansion of Russian, direct or through surrogates, conquest of the Donbas region of Ukraine will continue and I expect it to evolve into full-scale military action. After all, what does Putin have to fear from a deeply compromised U.S. President.
  • Western pressures, through various economic sanctions, will continue to realign Russian Oligarch’s political and economic allegiance away from Putin who, to forestall his decline, will work to expand Russia’s conquest of Ukraine.
  • By third quarter of 2022 Russia’s involvement in Ukraine will have nearly exhausted its conventional military resources and even with the aid of China (and possibly Iran) Putin will find it increasingly difficult to field a viable force. Russia will not be able to survive a war of attrition.
  • Putin’s salvation, as far as the Russian economy is concerned and his ability to survive politically (assuming his health doesn’t “suddenly” become an issue), will come from the most peculiar source of all: Biden’s unholy alliance with the Eco-Squad’s illusion of “sustainable energy” (itself an oxymoronic notion) will have neutered U.S. Energy production and by doing so will keep the Euro-market energy demands at the utter of Russian-produced fossil fuels accompanied by a rush of Euros to the Russian Treasury. However,
  • There is one rather peculiar scenario that could play out that at first may seem devoutly void of reason (and I’m still a bit fuzzy on the idea myself however my analytical experience as to the off-sheet actions of out of control agencies has taught me to never ignore the absurdly improbable; too often they do occur.) But first, as to Ukraine, understand that Trump would have never allowed the escalation of U.S. sponsored military actions. Here it is: Much of the E.U. has sold out their domestic energy production to the illusion of Green/Renewable Energy. Consequently, they have are unable to meet their energy demands the consequence of which has made them increasingly dependent on Russia for fossil fuels. To cover his flanks Biden will need to engage the E.U. component of NATO and to be sure of their allegiance to the Ukraine action he’s going to need an inducement. Winter’s cold in Europe and cold is most uncomfortable and for this reason I’m near certain that he’ll use Energy supply as a leverage, specifically Natural Gas. The question then is how does Biden accomplish this task, how does one create a threat-based narrative (i.e., the threat-risk of not having a reliable fuel source which we know the majority of which, at present, comes from Russia) that will seduce the E.U. faction into the U.S. corner while at the same time create an adversarial relationship between them and the Russians? The answer is to find a way to cut the supply lines from Russia. After doing some research on the locations of Russian Energy supply routes and the composition of their content (Crude, Diesel, Kerosene, Unleaded Gas, Natural Gas etc.) I was able to confirm a target that is easily accessible from a number of transition points, can be executed with near complete secrecy and could be executed by a team consisting of no more the two-three persons; it may (even) be done with remotely operated resources. What is it? Russia operates a series of underwater pipelines which are known as “Nord Stream.” They are located in the Baltic Sea and run from Russia to Germany. The U.S. has an overabundance of Natural Gas and can easily meet the E.U. demands for Natural Gas should the supply, via the NORD Stream pipelines, suddenly become unreliable.
  • Should, as part of a UN Sponsored resolution, Russia be required to reverse their annexation of Sevastopol not only will they lose their only warm-water port but it will most certainly spell the end of Putin’s rule.
  • The final image, for now, of our crystal ball is an answer to a most fearsome query: No, Putin will not risk deploying a nuclear response and while this observation requires a much deeper discussion here are the basics: (1) The bureaucracy of interests surrounding Putin will never be willing to risk their post-Putin future by way of a nuclear holocaust. (2) Putin understands that the massive fortune he’s amassed will vaporize with such a move; after all he is the Father of two Daughters which it is well known he adores. (3) There is deep concerns, from within both the Russian Military and Scientific Community, that due to reduced budgets, staffing, allowances for maintenance and testing of stockpiles and associate delivery systems many believe much of their inventory has become unsafe if not inoperable.


  • Regardless of the full court press bent on promoting U.S. involvement in what can only be described is a complete departure from rational thought I do believe the American People should be asking a very simple question: “Why is it the responsibility of the American People to shoulder the lions-share of the Russian Expedition into Ukraine?” Clearly it is not an issue – for the U.S. – of security, resources, political stability, fiscal, economic, health, energy, technological, agricultural, entertainment etc. And so, why? Whatever you may think or believe that is other than to conclude that “there is absolutely no reason for the U.S. to be involved” will be substantive proof of just how effective the processes of seduction have become.
  • Unfortunately, Ukrainians will suffer the most severely. A country scared by historical abuses, seventy years of Soviet abuses and now the excess of a Global Order, devoutly predatory and misanthropic, playing out its many fantasies. So long as Biden remains in office and thereafter the same policies persist there will be no sanctuary for the Ukrainian people in their own lands. Period.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy will appear to be effective in garnering Western military and economic support; slow in coming at first but us Russia’s endurance wains what first appears as tentativeness on the part of NATO Countries will soon relax. No, Ukraine has no Nuclear (Weaponry) deterrence. In in 1992, as part of multi-level accord with the newly emerged Post-Soviet Russian State, Ukraine agreed to surrender all nuclear weapons that last of which were delivered back to Russia in 1996.
  • Yes, Ukraine will emerge from under the Russian threat but that will only occur once the Biden Administration is retired. The greater challenge for a post-conflict Ukraine is the environmental contaminations and infrastructure reconstruction they will face. Yes, Chernobyl remains a ticking time bomb however there’s another Plant with equally alarming and yet not fully known or understood risks: The Zaporizhzhia 6 Reactor Complex, the largest in all of Europe and now under the control of Russia, was force to shut down due to loss of backup power supply.


  • As in the days of the Cold War, when Russia was played as the overwhelming threat to the Orwellian Order “making the world safe for democracy”, China has become the latest iteration of the age-old adage of “the enemy of my making creates the advantage for my taking.” China State (its Communist Order) has been seduced into the realm of western finance and while this has allowed for its remarkable growth it has now moved well beyond the Communists ability to control it or to reverse it.
  • While China has allowed western economic investment/industrial development, largely because it has little to no environmental protection laws and along with slave labor rates makes it a haven for providing cheap manufacturing alternative for meeting global consumer demand; it remains, nonetheless, dependent on the importation of a goodly portion of its demands for raw materials. So long as the U.S. remains addicted to the China supply chain and willing to allow their Intelligence apparatus to openly penetrate past what should be the U.S. Government chief responsibility to prevent, the Nations vulnerability will only expand. That being said, it is important to note that while China’s strengths exist because the U.S. Government and U.S. Consumers allow it, the open door can just as easily be shut.
  • China has more domestic and internationally leveraged debt than the U.S. and the E.U. combined and remains indebted to the U.S. for what was then $550 Million credit (in gold bullion) it shipped to China, as I recall, in 1942. China (State Communist) assumed this obligation which today, allowing for changes in the value of gold, inflation and accumulated interest is approximately $1.7 Trillion.
  • The Chinese Communists, apart from numerous external threats, faces a growing threat to their rule: (1) Largest percentage of population over the age of 65. (2) Inverted Male/Female population ratio, i.e., more Males than Females. And, (3) Market-based economics are creating a population dynamic that is becoming increasingly confrontational with Communists-Marxist style authoritarianism. As the old Chinese guard ages-out efforts by the Communist Party to persist by way of its traditional control methods will find it difficult to enforce its orthodoxy upon an increasingly aware, independent and affluent population. The emergence, by the Chinese People, from the dark days of authoritarian control will be stunningly different from that of Russia and several of the former Iron Curtain Members. In my published series, “Blind Vision: Valor in Prosperity”, I’d mused over what I’d hoped would be an ascending post-Soviet era Russia which I imagined as a welcomed blessing to the U.S. and to the rest of the world; unfortunately, the Russian People were not allowed to rise from their enslavement and their conditions, largely, remain unchanged. My prayer is that the Chinese People will not be so easily recaptured from their first breaths of individual sovereignty.
  • Yes, the Chinese Communist will play the adversarial role primarily because the high-party members have become addicted to the affluence their position in the pecking order of global order; this will, as it relates to their maintenance of power, be their week point and rest assured the hierarchy of the Global Predators knows, understand and studies vulnerability. Just how vulnerable are the Chi-Comms? Think of it this way: What would happen if the IMF suddenly decided to suspend trading (exchange) of the Chinese Yuan? Sidebar: This one point is precisely why Digital Currency (outside of Government sponsored) will not survive; enjoy it while it last but you will start to witness the risk to which I’m referring.
  • Threats make money, money fuels threats, threats creates demands for Armaments. Armaments means more money, more money means more profits for creating more threats that create demand for more Armaments. Money is the fuel source of power; quite a dirty little circle of nasty now isn’t it. What are the likely threats? Two types: I refer to them as “Synthetically Surgical” and “Combustible”. To understand “Synthetically Surgical” we must first explain “Combustible” which means direct-fire contact whether by combat troops, surface or air. “Synthetic” is pretty much everything else from electronic surveillance/warfare, psyops etc.
  • China is no more a threat, ascending or otherwise, than any other element having become a part of the schematics of the Global Order; if the “leverages” work as they have in the past then the divisiveness of predatory harvesting will continue. While many expect Xi Jinping to break with tradition and hold a third term it should come as no surprise as he’s already made changes to the communist rule book by reversing term limits. Never forget that China’s attempt to circumvent the global economic order (both their “BRICS” and “BRI” projects) have failed to achieve their stated ambitions consequently their economy, for the foreseeable future, lives and breathes at the whim of the Western Banking System. To white, should Xi Jinping step too far out of line he will, quite unceremoniously be confronted with a reminder. Sidebar: One should not be troubled to discover the Communist Leaders personal wealth is mostly denominated in gold, U.S. and E.U. based positions.
  • As to N. Korea: By now it should be clear that N. Korea persists, largely, on the impulse of the Chicoms. Occasionally the Iranian Regime, and even the Pakistanis, will dip their toes into the venal pool of geo-politics even so the distemper of N. Korean regime undulates to the order of Beijing who, when it suits their favor will direct N.K. to fulfill a suite of theatrics. N. Korea has no supply-chain of its own. Expect N.K., from time to time, to launch a barrage of ballistic missiles which it will do at any time China feels that such a show would influence an outcome to their advantage or to if they can tease the U.S. into a formal response, ostensibly to test the durability of U.S. commitment to various co-defense treaties but more likely to see if the U.S. can be lured into a response and hopefully expose their anti-ballistic technologies.

U.S. Domestic/Foreign:

  • Congress will move to expand government spending; it will use any number of incidents of the Nations internal disfunction as easily solved by throwing more money at it. Larger expenditures, more favors, more special interests, an ever-expanding class of the newly entitled that, as it will be explained by the self-anointed and fully woke suffragettes, will be the result of the homophobic, xenophobic, misanthropy of the once revered but recently discovered to have actually been deeply flawed Founding Fathers of White America.
  • Congress will face yet another Debt Ceiling Crises the solution for which will be easily cured by way of raising, yet again, the Federal Debt Ceiling. There is a solution to the Federal Debt issue but they’re not about to tell you what it is or how they plan to deploy it.
  • Ostensibly, it will be argued, to curb inflation expect the Fed to push Interest Rates higher that by the end of 2022 will push the boundaries in the range of six percent.
  • Driven by slow recovery from COVID due to a Public persuaded to accept “living wages” by Government draft in lieu of actually working for a living combined with the Government (Biden and the Progressive-Fascists in Congress) controlled by the “Eco-Squad” which will cut domestic production (which will now end the downward forces that have given us lower Crude Oil prices) you will see year-over-year inflation numbers in the 9.6 – 10.4 percentage range particularly if you include energy costs in your calculations.
  • Housing Markets will begin to suffer as rising interest rates cut into the Buyer’s affordability indices. By 2023, mid to third quarter, we should expect to see a rise in foreclosures.
  • Though Roe vs Wade won’t fully be reversed by Supreme Court its actions, expected in sometime in June of 2022, will serve to sufficiently neuter its use as a tool for killing the unborn. It will return to where it belongs, which is at the State level. The success, as it first seems, will not suspend the Progressive-Fascists from running the matter up the legislative flagpole at both the Federal and State levels the beginning of which will signal an entirely new phase of turning the U.S. in upon and against itself. Expect a well-greased front to mobilize and move State-to-State in attempt to codify Abortion. This, quite simply, must not be allowed.
  • Wokification, along with other efforts to further emasculate and defeminize, will continue to prey upon the public conscience. It is and so long as it exists will continue to herald the most misanthropic of ambitions since the Trail of Tears, the Internment Camps of Nazi Germany or the Bataan Death March. I think it wholly in adequate to say its counter-productive when, in truth, it is devoutly and unabashedly self-destructive however, as a tool for Political Advantage, the process is not at all different from that peddled by the Eco-Squad; it is an effective tool for sterilizing the conscience and the intellect. Period.
  • Lessons observed from the effective use of Social Media, in bring to end the Trump Administration, occurring after 2022 Mid-Terms, will stir a rethinking of the power social media groups such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok – along with the expanded threat made possible by AI – the Government saber rattling will target their structures (and their Billionaire’s wealth) in a show of public consciousness but nothing will come of it for two simple reasons: (1) The risk of losing these facilities as a medium of influence won’t allow them to throttle back their intrusion upon constitutional rights. And, (2) The U.S. Government surrendered control of the IANA to the newly created entity, so called international organization, now known as ICANN. How then, having done so and which effectively globalized the use and control of the system connectivity we think of as the “Internet”, do you effectively restrict its use without becoming a police state? Come to think of it, in what way is that not already the case?
  • Recovery from the impact of Government regulatory intrusion, under the guise of its response to COVID, will prove to be a slow climb out of the depths of this massive failure, planned or otherwise. Upon close inspection one can quickly see that the Government’s economic meddling into the native marketplace of economics was a trial run, a comprehensive test for across-the-board “Living Wage” policy. This idea deserves a far deeper discussion than this entry will allow suffice it to say that what I believe this experiment will show is that this Country is suffering from an ever-increasing loss of intellectual capacity within its workforce. Specifically, from my own research and observations, I believe that this hemorrhagic-like affect is most conspicuous in the Male, sub-45 age group (most dominant among Caucasians), the cause (key) I attribute to the following: (1) Displaced Identity caused by strategic emasculation. And, (2) Historical Revisionism (selective.) By lowering One’s expectations, chiefly done by subliminal humiliation, the native drive that would otherwise propel one from the depths of despair, poverty, mediocrity etc. has been shut down. Men have been conditioned to undervalue their importance in shaping the order and virtue of a culture. On economic terms alone, the loss of this segment of the population, in numbers, might easily exceed 40 million; the loss of economic output in this group is measured in the Trillions of dollars. At the moment, I estimate that this nation has lost the benefit, from this sidelined component of the U.S. population, of three, perhaps four generations. Look at the general intellectual composition of those in elected office and of those running corporations that have the greatest effect on this nation and you will painfully observe the scope of our collective failure.
  • While I am not able to foresee a legitimate threat to the U.S. that should not be taken to imply that the forces who benefit from seeding (fabricating) such events will have suddenly grown a spine. Whether it be in the Nation’s energy grid, air space, economic infrastructure, forward (military) installation (approx. 1,000), celestial-based assets, unprotected borders or through divisive narratives that continue to fracture its population the targets of opportunity are endless and given the viral levels of failed Leadership the Villains among us will remain undeterred.
  • The importation of illegal substances is going to force the Nation to reconsider its tolerance for substance abuse. It’s not so far off, if not already upon us, a time where opioid addictions and related deaths will reach epidemic levels. My hope is that Persons of conscience articulated with reason will come clear that drug use is not a social fashion, trend or a protected expression of freedom no more than any other behavior that robs a person of their faculties.
  • Professional Sports will continue to degrade in substance, character and thus, be a mirror of the Nation and by extension its contempt for itself.
  • Digital Currency: I’ve previously written on the subject, beginning in 2011, in part as an explanation of Government Debt and how it will ultimately be resolved, but more importantly as an economic tool of authoritarian order. During the Trump Administration a Bill titled “The Banking For All Act” nearly made it into law but thankfully Trump made his displeasure know and the Blue-Blood Fascists suspended, for the time being, the effort. At the moment, a new effort is making its way through the Committee and Mark-up process so be forewarned. How imminent is it? Very. For those of you trading in Digital Currencies I encourage you to be on guard for sudden and seemingly unexplainable failure in the digital currency marketplace. Also, watch for increased parity among the key currencies, e.g., Pound Sterling, Euro and U.S. Dollar (and its Aussie and Canadian companions) as further sign that a uniform Currency, that initially will have a paper derivative but only for the purpose of drawing out black-market mattress money, is imminent. By the way, expect that within 24 months of conversion, paper currencies will fade off into obscurity and be the equivalent of “Monopoly Money.” Frankly, given the efficiency of COVID as a tool for seducing the Public I’m surprised that Paper Money wasn’t labeled a transmissible source followed by the forced incineration of all images of dead Presidents.
  • While Public support for space exploration is widely built upon the “Dying Earth Narrative” the greater truth is that there are huge profits in space exploration, both military and industrial applications. For travel to distant planets, such as Mars, a transport vehicle that can safely mimic an earth-like environment is a must, that is, if Humans are to survive the transit. Until then, the Moon remains a remarkable source for a variety of minerals collectively known as “Rare Earth.” Watch for an explosion in Government spending for Mans return to the Moon, this time, he means business.
  • On the subject of former President Trump: (1) It is important to never lose sight of the fact that none of the claimed breaches, Russia Collusion, Ukrainian Security Breach, Influence Peddling etc. were ever proven but more important it has been determined that all of these claims were narratives created by the Democratic Party, a few traced directly to the Clinton’s and key Obama Staffers. (2) As to the so-called January 6th “Insurrections” this too has proven to be a farce. The claim of an “insurrection” is, clearly, nothing more than a value-added marketing ploy for populating a broader assault on Trump. Here too, the distortions by way of well-crafted narratives will lead the Public down a path with a dead-end or will it ever be adequate to overcome the utter disaster that is a President Joe Biden. Finally, while there will be trials and there will likely be a few who will face jail terms they will be supremely inadequate, as the fuel-source, for sustaining the “insurrection” claim.
  • All litigation aimed at Trump will occur for one reason and one reason only: To find a Judge (Court) sufficiently liberal that will assign a guilty verdict to the Former President and, by extension, as a tool for keeping him out of the run for a second term. With that said, it is important to know that the Constitution criteria for a Presidential Candidate are as follows: (1) Must be a natural-born citizen of the United States. (2) Must be at least 35 years of age. And, (3) Must have had no less than 14 consecutive years of residency. So far, and there will be more, there are numerous Liberal Fascistas who occupy the rotunda of hypocrisy by their suggesting that while Trump should not be investigated/tried for his actions while President his actives prior to and after his term are fair game. The U.S. Order of Democracy has never affected a criminal proceeding against a sitting or former U.S. President and certainly not because they didn’t deserve it but more so to preserve the Office and to suspend the risks of politics as a predatory form of divisiveness. Several Blue-Blood politicos, former Clinton, Obama and Bush Administration Members have all, seemingly, succumbed to the defects attributed to memory loss, they seem to forget that each of these former Presidents all had both run-ins with the Law and engaged in actions that would have otherwise warranted adjudication many of which, to be sure, easily eclipsed that of Trump’s whether before, during or after his term concluded. Even more clear and unimpeachable is that not a one, individually or as a collective, even approached a record of success worthy of comparison to that of Trump. Finally, on the subject of the former President, yes, he will run for a second term. Former S. Carolina Governor, Niki Hailey, will also throw her hat in the rings as well as Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. If Trump can hold to a platform that stays, devoutly, away from the 2020 “election fraud” narrative (Not That It Didn’t Occur but because if he does then he’ll walk right into a media battle that will keep in on his heals vs. pressing forward with a refined and deliberate Americans for America-First narrative) he can make it work. Meanwhile, Ms. Hailey, if Trump can stay clear of taking the punishing adversarial approach with her, can be a remarkable weapon that, ultimately, as the GOP’s 2024 ticket should be unstoppable against all Candidates including anyone the Democrats would crack-open. There are many reasons for the GOP’s failure in the “Popular Vote” and I can spend hours on this single subject however I’ll offer only two points (for now): (1) The GOP has to get back to a ground attack strategy that ends the DNC’s hold on behind the curtain controls over the ballot box. (2) The GOP must begin to advance intra-State election strategies by leveraging the popularity of a National Contract that pairs with the Candidates that are running. A single front is far more effective than 50 individuals.
  • Will the highly politicized Department of Justice succeed in keeping Trump from regaining the Presidency? My review of the horizon indicates that while AG Merrick Garland will do nearly anything to nail Trump’s coffin shut I find it more likely that in their efforts to do so they will (1) expose Biden’s abuses. (2) Expose the DNC for their complicity in similar abuses in every State where actions against Trump are on goings and (3) Drawing the Public into a level of awareness that will have a significant impact on the 2024 Elections both up and down the ballot.
  • The preoccupation with Russia/Ukraine will keep the spotlight off of the Middle East but not because of an overwhelming form of enlightenment among regional adversaries but more so because Iran will continue to have internal issues as the Imams struggle to maintain control over the Iranian State; the effect of which will trend toward Iran keeping its intelligence and military forces from fomenting turmoil across the map of the Middle East. It should be noted that Trump’s Middle-East foreign policy structure was working extraordinarily well; his forced disengagement of U.S. Dept. of State persistent antics along with an occasional assist from Netanyahu (Israel) had the Ayatollah and his Minion in a death-slide and were it not for the occurrence of the Biden’s Presidency accompanied by the adolescent-like allegiance to the inbred-ignorance common to the Blue Bloods of the State Department, by Trumps mid-second term the Iranian Regime would have collapsed and the much deserving Iranians would have begun their return to representative rule. With that said, Iran will play a background role in the Russia/Ukraine conflict however, like China, only in a support (armaments) role. Iran has learned its lesson and knows to stay clear of U.S. Military Assets and for this reason has and will continue to curtail its participation in the Yemen conflict with Saudi Arabia which I anticipate that by mid-2022 will have concluded. With Russia increasingly occupied with Ukraine their playing house in Syria will take a holiday. For the time being, there is a rather peculiar form of stasis within and about the Middle East. It’s quite amazing to see what can happen when the U.S. Policy suspend attempting to “Make the World Safe for Democracy.”

Closing: If you’ve made it this far you might wonder why I’ve ended my prognostications. But of course, I’ll have more content and commentary over the coming months on specific topics many of which will compliment/expand upon those contained here. The most important consideration, from this exercise, to take with you is the unseemly nature of Joe Biden and, literally, how much damage this Man will have done and continue to do to this Country (and the Planet); not for any specific legislative entanglement but simply from what he’s brought upon the Nation and the Family of Nations by and from his many and overwhelming failures both in and outside the Political sphere. This poor man has been so thoroughly corrupted that his health will continue to fail; the price of an overwhelming load upon his conscience he will be unable to reconcile. Pray for him, really and then, pray for the strength and the wisdom that will be required to overwhelm the forces preying upon the thread of goodness that is Man’s true nature.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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