Donald Trump White House Statement!

At the President stated; “This may be the most important speech I will every make.”
The fact that this “release”, by the White House, the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, was not picked up by one single News Agency is absolutely terrifying!

To watch the Presidents entire speech, click HERE.

Whatever your political vector or vent you should be very concerned about the type of influences that can express this level of control over any Election in this Country and, it goes without saying, the media as well.

What may seem to some as merely an exercise of cunning and strategic thinking is something far more dangerous; it creates a breach in the American Election System that will be impossible to contain. If we fail to reverse this travesty, immediately, the Clinton-Bush Machine will have unleashed a scourge that will irreparably damage this Nation and the Ideals upon which it was built.

If Biden is the Son of the Parents he so reverently claims to honor then he will, immediately, negate the November 3rd results and urge the U.S. Congress to issue a single electoral vote to the Governors of each of the 50 States with an order to return their Presidential selection and do so within 24 hours, with no exceptions.

It is your right to like or dislike Donald J. Trump, however, regardless of your opinion of the man you must, as an American, never surrender your sacred duty to honor your neighbor, your Country and the Ideals upon which these commitments were built. Those who fought and died for this Country are looking out over the sacrifices they and many like them made so that this Nation would continue to thrive and they are now looking to each of us to honor their sacrifices, to stand and be counted so that the Spirit of the Nation will continue to lift the hopes of all toward the heavens and illuminate the darkest of places.

It is now your turn to stand and be counted after all, the Ideal is utterly meaningless if there are none who will carry its message forward to illuminate the darkest of places!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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