X-Hairs V1- The Undoing!

There is always a price for moving forward; overcoming the inertial lethargy of complacency being the more immediate and perhaps the most conspicuous of the opposing force once expects to confront. In short form: Humans are very predictable; at the fringe of reason they calculate sloppily and even when faced with the evidence of their conspicuous duplicity they remain defiantly indignant.

Humans, over the expanse of recorded history, have imprinted the universal conscience with efforts aimed at overcoming the forces that would otherwise suppress the spirit and yet remain unwilling to acknowledge an undeniable truth: There is no way around or short-cut through the perfecting process One must ultimately face. Man, without a doubt, is a projectile of cause and while set about and within a construct of order he is still, very much, in absolute control of his motive force even if, oddly enough, he elects to use this powerful advantage against himself; a case in point soon follows.

The “Trump Era”, from an historical context, will be seen as a dynamic period in American History, a period of seismic upheaval where the forces drawing mankind forward worked to (again) flush his spirit-conscience free of the many facets of bondage that wage war in opposition to it occurring. The torment/tension of the period will be memorialized in terms and actions; how long the period of torment survives is directly related to the duration of Man’s belief that it is far better to endure the agonies you know than the expanse of an ebullient state of fulfillment you’ve never experienced.

In the grand scheme of things whether Trump wins a second term or not is of little difference; the fact is the public’s awareness of the forces here-to-for masked by the corridors of political-vice are gradually weeping through and yet do not be deluded into believing that these forces will degrade off into some blackhole never to be heard from again. Yes, there is a price for these advancement and the check is being composed, tabulated, compounded and weaponized into a response whose single ambition will be to sanitize the conscience of Mankind of any future plans designed to end their control. Yes, we are all well aware that these misanthropic exploits are unsustainable but that’s never stopped Man from using his most potent skillsets against himself.

Unseen by much of the American Public is the totalitarian order of global fascism actively penetrating every fiber of the pollical, economic and social wick; a most unseemly irony is that the very tension most Americans have been told to be repulsed by is being forced upon them by the very same order they find so appealing. Go figure. Once again, a marvelously effective way for masking predatory interests by intoxicating the masses with an illusion that disables what would otherwise be one’s native attachment to the notion of self-preservation. Yes indeed, the truth of this statement is seen in the accelerating shift in the global order, the seismic shift that is inevitable; while we can easily identify the ambitions of these underlying forces and benefactors one can scale probable outcomes but never fully animate, with absolute precision, exactly how the game will play-out and yet we can approach a high degree of probability simply because we can observe the various renditions playing out in real time.

The following is a list of critical facts integral to the mix of conditions; think of them as ingredients that become either part of a target, an incendiary device or both.

  •  Global Government Debt, on book, is approaching an estimated $118 Trillion.
  •  Global Unfunded Government Mandates estimated to be nearly $331 Trillion.
  •  Global Total Debt is estimated at $257 Trillion.
  •  Global Notional Value Total of Derivatives is estimated at $750 Trillion.
  •  Total Global GDP $142 Trillion
  •  In a Fiat Money/Banking System Currency is considered a medium of leveraged exchange and while Debt is thought to be a critical medium of leverage it remains a constriction on liquidity, i.e., confiscatory.
  • Since the advancement of the E.U., as both a political and fiscal union, the monetary dominance of the U.S. has been viewed as a noose around the economic development of Europe and its migratory interest around the Pacific Rim and the African Continent. The whole of Europe sees their future economic fortunes as being tied to these emerging markets.
  • The U.S. and the E.U. have been locked in a battle over what is to be the next generation of global financial control. There is the U.S. interests that want to maintain U.S. economic and financial dominance (as it presently is) which is without being fully subsumed by a Global Cabal, the Global Elite (including Americans & Europeans) who are pressing for the final integration of the Global Market Partitioning (a global confederation of economic zones) and then there are the Chicoms who, much to the Global Elite’s dismay, who have strategic plans for taking total control of the Global Economic Helm with no concessions to either the Americans or the Europeans. Many view characters such as George Soros, the Mountbatten’s, the Bush Clan, various Financiers and so on as great motivating forces and though they may possess significant fiscal interests they are far less a threat than the likes of Bill Gates and other Tech-made pathogens. You might ask or wonder why and the answer is that while those with great political and monetary wealth have great influences (primarily because they have greater risks associated with exposure and loss) Gates and his misanthropic degenerates now control a medium (technology) that can completely upend the power-base of these Political/Monetary Titans. The outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election, which I predicted at the outbreak of the WuV-19 charade, proves just how accurate we were.

Now then what remains for us to address are a few clinical attributes, theatrical elements of temperament critical to our analytical blend the nature(s) of which enhances our understanding of what occurs on the field of play and allows us to more effectively read the intentions of the various actors.

Consider the operative elements (a partial Threat Assessment) that follow:

1. China:

  • A threat in asymmetrical terms primarily because the Chicoms do not act with a reverence for or a fear of the orthodoxies typical associated with or as manipulations of Judeo-Christianity; they’re not at all concerned with any of the ten commandments or Environmental parodies. The consequence of this misanthropic outlook should be considered in terms of an exponential risk.
  • Not the economic powerhouse thought to be and primarily so for the following two reasons: (a) Not economically self-sustainable (import dependent). And, (b) The Chicoms simulation of the Western Fiat Banking policy has been grotesquely miss-handled by the Western Banking Cabal. The Chicom’s hyper-manipulated and hyper-hypothecation of their currency has pushed their debt load to levels that no authoritative source in or outside of China is able to accurately measure. While the transparency of the Chinese Banking System is on the level of Mississippi mud there are some trailing figures that would indicate that Chinese Debt is greater than the U.S. and the E.U. combined.
  • The Chinese economy is incredibly vulnerable to global economic swings (more on this point soon follows.)
  • An unspoken threat to China, rarely spoken of, is the Population of India, 1.35 Billion people.
  • The greater the Chicom’s perception of threat, the greater their volatility
  • Remember all the West need do to throttle-back the Chicom risk is to rebalance their monetary position with the IMF structure. This of course is, as you will soon see, a double edge sword.
  • The Chicoms do not, I repeat, do not need to be a military threat to represent a grave and deeply punitive risk to the U.S.; the now familiar China Virus (Wu-V19) is such an example.

2. Russia:

  • Putin is increasingly at risk for being toppled but not necessarily in the manner one might expect; his direct targeting of political opponents will certainly punish him in the coming years as will his regimes unwillingness to develop/diversify the Russian economy. Putin’s reliance on China, as an economic ally, is very dangerous position for Putin. If there’s global currency collapse China can simply switch back to their toxic coal energy source, Russia, on the other hand, can replace the lost revenue by selling oil & gas to the E.U. who gets all it needs from the U.S. or OPEC.
  • As the U.S. continues (Americans should insist) to expand its energy independence OPEC Oil Markets are going to increasingly depend on both the E.U. and Asian markets; this market maturation has already forced punishing cuts on Russian oil & gas production.
  • Russia looks toward China as an ally in their asymmetrical strategy (with the U.S.) but the fact is that China no longer needs the military footprint of Russia which it now sees, in technological terms, as nothing more than a buggy-whip manufacturer after all, the Chicoms can steal all the military tech they wants right from the swiss-cheese structure of the U.S. Military Industrial and Academic Complex.

3. U.S.:

  • A very powerful socio-political influence and likely to remain so for quite some time but don’t mistake this statement for anything more than what it is particularly if you consider how dramatically and rabidly its fitness can change; understand that the attribute is as conditional as it is diverse. So long as the Nation maintains its majority attachment to the tenants of Representative Democracy which is, like it or not, inseparable or indistinguishable for the Faithful Tenants of Judeo-Christianity, it will remain a force to be reckoned with however break its link with the fundamental tenants of its Constitutional order and it will collapse with whip-lash like speed.
  • Even with its many remarkable attributes the Country remains trapped within the sadistic vacuum of a century-plus long dance with secular-progressivism. In metaphorical terms think of this pairing as something akin to performing the intricacies and nuances of the Viennese Waltz while wrapped in barbed wire.
  • While the conversation about the U.S. will have you believe that its greatest threat is global warming and fossil fuels when in truth the Nation’s greatest threats are its suspension of fungible technological development, plunging levels of investment in domestic technological development and the almost non-existent, at any level, investment in domestic manufacturing capacity regardless of level. Tied for first place is its unhealthy commitment to disfiguring the legacy of its remarkable history and constitutional structure.
  • U.S. positioning of itself as the global police force has seen a dramatic reduction under the Trump administration including both forward positioning of resources and active military engagements; given the penetrating influences of the military industrial complex which courses extensively throughout the U.S. Military, Department of State, CIA, Government Procurement facilities, NSA and Counsel of Foreign Relations, to name just a few, the Nation rotating political influences are always at risk for unleashing U.S. Forces at any point, for any reason and to any location about the planet.
  • A Nation’s capacity for wealth production cures a great many forms of disfunction while its penchant for war will exhaust its wealth far more efficiently than it will ever replace it.

4. Global Economic Interests:

  • The face of Monetary influences may change over time but regardless of their contemporaneous appearances they are bound to one common ambition: The power money buys.
  • The most effective way for the power money purchases to advance its interests is through the most porous and lease resistant course: Politicians/Government.
  • Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Environmental Movements, Equality/Social Justice routines and their many iterations, Renewable Energy schemes and so on are largely distractions meant to divert or otherwise occupy the time/mind/resources of the Social order. When you look at these schemes very closely you will find the very pathogen common in texts written by Edwin Bernays, an American propagandist whose teachings inspired the likes of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, and intellectual degenerates such as Saul Alinsky and Angela Davis.
  • Do understand that Capitalism is a fascist economic structure; a term crafted by Karl Marx to describe those who exist solely to accumulate and control capital. Capitalism is not an efficient economic process, far from it; it flatly rejects the refining forces of competition which it views purely as a threat. Peak economic performance occurred during periods where free market forces reign and where the free exchange of capital, labor and resources occurs.

5. Media:

  • Media encompasses one massive web of influences; from Broadcast/Cable to any number of social platforms the influence is inescapable.
  • The ability of these platforms to alter, mediate and outright cavitate public perceptions, the underlying construct that ballasts their thinking processes, cannot be understated.
  • The growing rift, occurring within this Country, is not at all about race, sex, sexual orientation or any number of the tired battery of quatrains normally tossed about when the children are being asked to own the consequences of their choices however there is one that requires closer inspection: The largely Generational Threat being adopted and adapted to, simply by inducement and not thru any constructive thought process or by experiential routines. It is a very dangerous and debilitating condition that I expect to continue growing dramatically worse over the next three-four generational cycles unless something dramatic is done to upend the trend. Adolescence and the associate patterns of behavior, thought processes (or absence of them) and impulses is moving up the age range/scale; normally attributed to the College Level Age range and below we now can observe humans at any age acting like perfect idiots and why is this? Because they last time most of them had to fight for their lives or for the futures is now read only in history books that, sadly, have been relieved of any reverence for the reasons those battels were fought, a faithful reporting of the contemporaneous conditions in existence at the time but most importantly a reverence for why one should work to be and express a reverent disposition.

Any combination of these elements can be used, triggered to produce an effect the most likely being one that will appear as a global monetary collapse; it will likely appear as being cause by a defect in the global monetary system, possibly even suggested to be related to the uncontrolled proliferation of the WuV-19 scheme. It’s sufficiently absurd, the Gate Clan is so completely out of control that they’d be willing to attribute a claimed out of control proliferation of the Virus as being due to contact with paper currency. Watch for it, the enforcement of WuV-19 tracking will come with some form of

What you are unwilling to confess will be your undoing!

What this exercise is intended to offer is a look into the world as it is and the ongoing risks (not to be confused as a “threat”) this are mounting about the perimeter of this Nation and its People. It is also intended to provide the willing person an opportunity to begin to view the world not as you’ve been induced into accepting but as a heaving and undulating organism where the battle of interests plays out in a constant and unrelenting non-pattern of predictable ebb and flow of temporary conditions of advantage.

Once the Public gets clear that the only message you are being given is the very message you are to be conditioned with you will suddenly see the Predatory World in a much different and much more manageable way. There are great changes that have been chosen for you and that have been staged to be forced upon you not because they’re good for the environment or because some condition is bad for the environment but merely because there is an Influence who is at odds with another Influence and they will battle over control of your Influence which they will use, with absolutely no reservation or timidity, to crush the other with.

Are the forces real? Well let me put it this way: For many you’ve had the experience of watching an attempted coup take place over the last four years. Originating from forces within the US using complete fabricated information, using Government Agencies posing as authoritative patriots, make claims and assertions never able to be substantiated, using mechanism of the law in fraudulent and felonious ways, knowingly prosecuting an Impeachment Process with absolutely no legal/judicial standards as to process, evidentiary standards or constitutional mandate of due process.

Are the forces real? Really? Biden, like Clinton, Bush and Obama before him are without a doubt the most corrupt if not outright corruptible people you will ever meet, there contempt for the people they are sworn to serve is at a level that would make Caligula envious.  If Biden wins, by way of what I predicted would be a highly contaminated election (known the moment unsolicited ballots were mailed en masse), the coup will have succeeded with the American Public being the foil of choice. If the American Public rises, regardless of party, in opposition to this event and insists on a course correction then there will be evidence that this nation is still able to lives up to its virtues, the very attributed of its remarkable legacy. If not, then a great many of us will be forced to endure the learning of the same lesson, again.

“What you are unwilling to confess will be your undoing!”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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