The Death of a Narrative – The World Dismisses Biden-Fauci

Under the alternate heading of “Not Everyone Believe a Lie” is a reality that always was but has been smothered, painfully, in an attempt to seduce the masses long enough that they’ll be either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the truth or, far worse, reverse a lie relentlessly told and the extent of the damage it has done.

  • Why, for the first time, was the group-think message of “PPE” driving the messaging and not development of treatment which has long been the accepted medical practice.
  • Assumptions, for the first time in U.S. Medical History, which suspended C19 Treatment until the unset of raspatory failure and which turned hospitals into super-spreaders, treatment of the illness directly was suspended including all clinical trials. Short form: Government and its Health Agencies refused to directly frame the problem the result of which the message became a fear-based model and not a solution-centered triage which, normally, would have focused on directing treatment to the illness and in the process develop protocols and treatments, testing and trials.
  • Why, once the patient required mechanical breathing assist, (by then the Virus would then have been long gone) did the Treatment Guidelines withhold using scheduled pharmaceuticals. It is a extraordinarily dangerous assumption to conclude that there is no way to treat an illness; to do so is to force the acceptance that the only alternative is death. Why were Doctors openly encouraged, often with the threat of losing their licenses, to NOT treat their Patients.
  • Why, when the custom had long been part of the accepted body of protocols, were Nutraceutical bundles suspended from use when it was long proven that these bundles worked to charge a nutritionally-at-risk body to battle the illness more formidably? Examples being zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, a common feature in treating any illness, were all openly and deliberately dismissed.
  • Why was Hydroxychloroquine, a drug successfully used for SARS1 (80% the same as SARS2/C19), used for LUPUS, Malaria, etc., a drug stockpiled by the U.S. banned for use? Why was Ivermectin, which works within the cellular level, banned from use? Both of these drugs, in conjunction with antibiotics were proving effective when used directly to treat the illness particularly when used at the onset of the virus.
  • Why did the Government issue an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) on Hydroxychloroquine? A drug that was known, proven and had been effectively used, well documented and peer reviewed, for over sixty-five years? Why did the Government, specifically the National Institutes of Health (Fauci), which had funded and arranged for population sample for performing the double-blind study of Hydroxychloroquine (with Azithromycin), provided the testing facilities and staffing only to suddenly abandon the test? This has never happened! By the way, a drug combination that has been increasingly used, by physicians outside the structured order of Academia and Government Sponsored Clinics inside and outside the U.S.
  • Why did the second largest production facility of Hydroxychloroquine, outside of the City of New Taipei, Taiwan mysteriously, burn to the ground? Why are these key pharmaceuticals, proven effective in treatment, being targeted?
  • Why is it that, to this day, not a single Physician/Clinician, in a position of Government Authority has any experience in clinical research/testing/treatment, of any kind, relating to any SARS variant including C19? Clinical studies, specifically those relating to SARS, have been going on for decades, surely there is a veritable cornucopia of talent competent to stand in an authoritative posture! Again, why?
  • Why, despite the evolving success and development of effective protocols, does the global suppression of early treatments continue? Why, still and to this day, is there absolutely no advisories issued by the U.S. Government of early treatment method for C19 or of Centers that do treat C19 and yet there is a rabid and constant push, morning, noon and night for vaccination including pregnant women (who waive all fetal rights) to be vaccinated? There are (even) several states granting rights to children under 12 years old, outside of parental consent, to make their own decisions regarding vaccination, unbelievable!!
  • Why the massive push, the never-before massive government advertisement and marketing of vaccination and virtually no focus on treatment? Everywhere but for China, Canada and the U.S. is pushing forward with early treatment protocols. What are their actions telling us?
  • Why, when historically any drug that omitted a class of people in their testing, e.g., pregnant women, women of childbearing potential/age, those recovering from C19 and who have proven antibodies any one of which would automatically exclude that drug from going into production/use due the plenary of excluded groups, have the C19 vaccines been pushed past these restrictions? It is even more important to understand that testing protocols would never allow injecting a biologically active substance into a pregnant woman; with C19 Vaccines this protocol has been erased. Why?
  • Why is the fact that 85% of C19 confirmed deaths were preventable with early treatment being suppressed?
  • Vaccine Safety: There are over 4000 people in the U.S. and over 10,000 People in the E.U. that have died following vaccine injections; why, when the decision is potentially fatal is there a push for compulsory injections? The tension within the public conscious is growing exponentially over this pressure-push behind mass vaccination; the public is becoming increasingly clear that there is a grave danger associated with this C19/vaccine push and it’s only going to get worse particularly when new variants develop or a spike in deaths start occurring and the government becomes increasingly more insistent that people accept mass-injections. With these results (deaths) we have now moved past the acceptable threshold of safety. Many Virologists and Epidemiologist actually fear mass vaccination for by doing so we risk creating a Super-Virus that will prove, likely, to be unmanageable and may wipe out large sections of the population, a major and unmanageable Bio-Weapon.
  • Peer Pressure-Threat: Imagine what will happen between the population that has refused vaccination and that portion of the Population that has and now feels privileged by their submission to Government authorities. Imagine still, the divide that will occur when the Vaccinated Population adversely suffers while the Unvaccinated Population survives unaffected?

Something is VERY wrong here: The Group Think that is going on is not only occurring at very high levels is also creating harm to humans at equally alarming levels. It is occurring on a global level. Why the push for a “Needle in Every Arm?” You won’t like the truth: It’s one part a control test to measure public submission rates and identify pockets of resistance. Another part relates to Population Control Mechanisms (people like Bill Gates actually believe that there are far too many of us that don’t need to exist. They also believe they are the chosen, the One’s to determine who is worthy and those who are not.) And finally, it’s a for-profit mode of the type that should alarm the public (but it won’t); just how far monied-interest will go to gain/maintain control.

Fortunately, the opposition to this scheduled insanity is growing. Countries like Mexico (and many other S. American Countries), Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, S. Africa, Germany, India, Japan and Australia are quickly moving away from this misanthropic narrative. As their success and the list of Nations grow let’s hope so will the death of the sadistic narrative. Still, here in the U.S., as long as Biden is in office and DC is dominated by the fascist agenda it will not change, People will continue to be seduced, they will accept vaccinations and the inevitable train of Booster Shots that are sure to follow.

More will die and oddly enough most will still refuse to arrive at the obvious conclusion. Even when, and the time will come, when notable persons, who’ve histories of good health, inexplicably start dropping dead due to an immune system and/or organ failure, yes, even then they denials will rage forward.

As I’ve written and spoke on the subject of restoration the first task remains the same: “Refuse to participate in the degenerative process occurring. By refusing to participate we will heal ourselves. If we, universally, refuse to participate we will heal one another and  starve the beast.”

Truth is as painful as it is dangerous.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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