The Defrocking of Liz Cheney

From now and at least until November of 2024 the outlook over former President Trumps political horizons will be every bit a minefield. Trump upset the political ganglia of the Blue-Blood Elite’s sacred priory and they’ve only just begun to foul the disorder further by continuing a relentless salvo of fodder. The aim? Simple: To bury him by way of shameless humiliations, financial bloodletting, alienation and ultimately silencing him and they’ll use the seductive lyric of the Fascist-Progressive serenade to intoxicate the public into willing submission. Why, when on record alone he has a scant few who better his record of success particularly if your favored measure is one based upon, fundamentally, a direct focus on turning the tide toward a better America, for all Americans. Strange and yet not so surprising that while his Administration was dedicated to an American success story it is the Political Elite who oppose him as have, unwittingly, most Americans. Enter, Elizabeth Lynne Cheney.

Liz Cheney. Daughter of the Bush-Family Bagman, Dick Cheney, benefits well from her father’s ties to the Bush Family Financial Empire. Tracing its legacy all the back to the late 1800’s, the Mountbatten’s of British Royalty fame, the creation of the Federal Reserve, massive military profiteering during World Wars and the various military actions that followed, tenures in and out of government, the CIA Directorship all, ultimately, connected to what any reasonable mind would conclude as being “questionable business practices” and it continues on and likely will for many generations to come after all there’s a great many members of the Walker/Bush, as in “Herbert Walker Bush” clan.

Sidebar: Prescott Bush, “George Dub-ya’s” grandfather, himself a former U.S. Senator, was close friends the Erie P. Halliburton (that last name should be very familiar).

“…in States where the one-man-one-vote is still revered you don’t dare vote against the preferences of your constituency.”

Yes indeed Ms. Cheney, in or out of office, is a legacy member of the Blue Blood Elite regardless of what side of the aisle, at any given moment, she may find favorable. Uncanny are the similarities of her rise with that of Mitt Romney, what were the good people of Utah thinking. Anyway, as to her future as an Elected Representative of Montana, I do believe we should expect that a few bars of “Going Home” will be on order. The tale of the tell are made known by the facts, I see no way for her to overcome the beliefs of many Wyoming Residents who think of here as “…just a carpetbagger from Virginia” and that “she’s more interested in playing her part in Washington king-making than she is representing the folks back here who sent her there.”

The lesson that Ms. Cheney will soon learn is that in States where the one-man-one-vote is still revered you don’t dare vote against the preferences of your constituency. It’s important to remember that in 2016 and again in 2020 Trumps posted margins of victory in Wyoming were among the highest of all the States he carried. Needless to say, when Ms. Cheney chose to be one of the six Republicans who voted in favor of Trumps second impeachment and then took the Republican lead pressing the narrative that Trump was behind the “January 6h Insurrection” her days were numbered. Whether it is the will of their constituency or its merely to protect themselves from the ire of the former President House Republicans are focusing efforts on removing her from Committee positions and will likely breathe easiest when they witness Wyoming Voters sending the carpetbagger back to Virginia.

As I move to close the book on this current grumbling let me answer a question that many might now be forming; NO is the answer, the much-vaunted powers of Bush Clan won’t bother to muddy themselves in an attempt to preserve her seat in Congress. Why would they when for a lot less money and sans the critique prone public oversight of an elected office they can arrange for an appointment to some D.C. area public policy institute or to a newly created-just-for-her office, with a six-figure income, at State. By the way, this is exactly what happened during the Bush/Cheney Administration, the State Department, under the direction of then Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, created the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs which became the new home for Ms. Cheney. By all accounts, of those who would be witness to her contributions, it was common to hear a reprise in the simplest and yet most descriptive pitch: “Laughable, but then we were regularly reminded that her Daddy was V.P.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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