CBO Backtracking Concealment

It was only a matter of time before the CBO was forced to reinvent its message; one of the luxuries of transient conviction is the ease with which a previous statement can be made to despise itself into a loftier and equally translucent conviction.

Focusing on the maze of fractures that is Obamacare left none-the-wiser as to the greater concealment neatly wrapped within the bindings of the CBO Report: Revenues are falling, spending is out of control, unfunded entitlements are exploding, labor participation rates are plunging, debt load is out of control, the government component of GDP has now moved past 64% of the economy, there is no debt-reduction plan in the works.

Deficit-reduction is an illusion, the appearance of which is merely a creative-accounting scheme and the ranks of the permanently unemployed is now, as a percentage of the population, greater than at any time in recorded U.S. economic history.

Nowhere in the CBO Report do they even dare to alert the public to the unfunded component of Obamacare or its explosive effects on Medicare/caid costs. All is not lost as there are several Democrats and spokes-mouths of the administration that suggest that this is all a misunderstanding; a misinterpretation of the true gift that the ACA affords the public; apparently you are now afforded the luxury of being able to leave your employment because, thankfully, Obamacare gives you that choice.

Of course you had no choice in the force-feeding of ACA but then in the wonder-world of the Obama-autocracy nirvana is just a stroke-of-the-pen away.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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