Chaos Induced Ignorance (Redux)

Whether it’s the sign of the times or simply the convergence of disparate interests one thing is for certain: I’m being reminded of the importance of remaining true to the better part(s) of our nature for this reason I make a point of reciting the following verse no less than twice per day:

“Challenge, heartily, the chaos induced by ignorance. Oppose with all means available any order that insists on maintaining or establishing a (new) status quo. Yours is not the destiny held in bondage but the perpetual discovery of unlimited capacity; this will not happen for any One confined to or bound by the disparate pitch of darkness. I refuse to participate in any practice that fails to feed me forward.”

The invasive censure of speech, thought and the unrestricted use of editorial distortions has now reached a level (in this Country) no less equal to even the most extreme of Fascist States present or from the past.  And yes, with no reservations, these practices are an open assault on the most venerated of our Constitutionally Protected Rights.

Having been on the receiving end of Social Media’s public practices of editorial deceptions and while these mediums are the smallest component of the Foundations content outlet the interaction with Followers is no less gratifying and uplifting. We are increasingly being imposed upon by a rabid form of feudalism, a terminal darkness where vibrant, open and honest public discourse – in the unrestricted pursuit of truth – that is both the lifeblood and the sanctuary of a Sovereign People is no more. So effective, so complete is the conversion that the loss, in form, virtue and value, is seemingly unrecognizable to most.

Whatever the effect of my efforts there remains a fundamental vein of truth weaving its way throughout my work:

“Man must be free for his independence to be a liberty to be expressed. When darkness storms at will the illuminating richness of light suspends and all that remains is the refuse of poverty.”

May the privilege of life find you living brightly, brilliantly and boldly in every way you are willing to imagine. The fullest possible expression of Devine Intention cannot be if we are confined to silence or bound by the vicars of darkness.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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