Civil War & Utopian Extremes

Somewhere along the way the object of reason has given way to a utopian ideology. The idea that if we were merely to remove the abstract and at times seemingly disparate notion of barriers and prohibitions a euphoric mood would flood and cleanse the conscience. The problem is that conscience is not or should ever be the subject of reformation; it is the essence of the very barrier and prohibitions of conscience that assures a conscientious act is distinguishable from all others.

It is the metering of conscience that permits the exposing and existence of extremes when barriers and prohibitions are removed. It is, in fact, the case that when the order of conscience is violated, particularly by extremes, that a conflict soon follows. The euphoric mood that accompanies the annihilation of various prohibitions of conscience (of rational order) is always short lived however the degradation that is its waste-product lasts and its only cure is a war on mediocrity; a civil war that is restorative in nature and one which reclaims the order of discriminating conscience and the fundamental understanding that without barriers and prohibitions of conscience there is only chaos.

True, man must be free and at liberty to be and do stupid, however he can never, ever, find himself relieved of its consequence.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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