CNN Masterful Investigative Journalism: When it Suits the Narrative

The airwaves and column-inches are being consumed with a timber that normally accompanies a newsworthy scoop. Let us all celebrate CNN, the preeminent stewards of investigatory journalism, for their success at striking a nerve in the posterior plexus of one Vladmir Putin.

On the other hand, who would ever question the disciplined focus of Putin or the willingness of the Russian FSB to target political enemies or for any capable International Operative(s) to false-flag an operation for the specific purpose of concealing their actions, spiking a conflict or both. The point being is, with no defense of Putin intended, that the media complex has been globalized and consequently has effectively establishes it’s willingness to serve as the broadcast medium for just this sort of operation. I find it distinctly ironic that CNN, not unlike their fellow media-travelers all of whom have long ago surrendered whatever journalistic credibility they may have had, would tease the mind with the thought that they’re manned and ready to spear the facts from the clutches of a deadly undertow.

The question then remains, where is the demonstrated evidence of their having applied this tremendous skillset to the exposing of Obama/Biden/Clinton illegally running munitions into the Middle-East, the Obama/Biden/Clinton actions which cause the Benghazi raid and multiple deaths including Ambassador Stevens, their self-dealing actions relating to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Sec. Clinton’s use of the State Department as a surrogate to the Clinton Global Initiative, the lost Clinton Emails/Servers/Workpapers, illegal surveilling of the Trump Campaign, Russia Collusion etc, etc., ETC!

At some point the American People are going to have to confess to themselves that while you may choose to ignore the misdeeds of your favorite scamsters by justification of numerous forms the most common being that “it’s just part of politics” the more you allow it to occur in an ever increasing scope and depth.

We hear it in the opposition-assault to the claim that there was fraud in the election; “…well we know there’s a certain amount of fraud in the election but not enough to change the outcome.” How asinine and malignantly tolerant can you possibly be! When you acknowledge the fraud exists you also then loose the ability to preempt the extent to which it occurs.  Sen. Barry  Goldwater left a great body of material the following, for me, being the most powerful and providential: “I will remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is not virtue.”

More and more I’m finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the truth of what the following statement reveals: “You can easily identify a fascist by considering the liberties they reserve for themselves in contrast with the laws they impose that retire your freedoms.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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